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  1. There are lots of channels of misinformation. CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and the NYT are near the top If you hear the same buzzwords and phrases for a given story that is a red flag you are being played and they are regurgitating press releases from who knows where (which is what you really need to know..). I remember when I mentioned a zerohedge article when Covid broke saying it looks like its source was Wuhan China. Someone came back just like you discrediting the source. Turns out Zerohedge was 3 WEEKS ahead of EVERYONE else. When you are being played, if the puppetmasters canno
  2. My last company was serious as a heart attack about security. Security team of IT department made sure you did remote automated security training every year which included the latest scams. you had to pass the test at the end of it or else take it again. And they reported everyone's scores to their managers. and then they would try to nail you. They would send bogus messages and if you replied or opened the attachment, you were nailed as it would alert them you got suckered. You had to retake security training. And if you got nailed, they would then sta
  3. Just got back from a 300 mile round trip to Annapolis to shake down a boat for a trip to Boston next week. First 65 miles there were only 2 stations pumping gas. Once near I-95, it was much better, like 75% stations had gas. A bit better tonight, but nothing to write mother about. No panic going on. Interesting article. Natalya Kaspersky, the founder and former CEO of security software firm Kaspersky Lab, made an explosive suggestion in an interview with Russian state-owned domestic news agency RIA Novosti that CIA hackers were actually behind the Colonial
  4. the midwest is plain boring when it comes to roads. Not only do you have the alltitude and curve changing constantly but you have to watch out for deer and moose at night. Nothing like hammering through the gears over and over again in a BMW/GTI,/911 late at night. Speaking of which, after an evening regatta on the north shore followed by a couple pops and slices of pizza at the club afterwards, it is 10:30 before you are heading home. Rt 128 and 3 are 70-75 mph roads. as the heavy commuter traffic is long gone. you are correct they are parking lot at 8am and 4 pm.. Merrimack is 30
  5. I thin Lake Baboosic is in town or on the border Has a decent set of 1 designs for lake racing. Most of us wrap speed down 3 to 128 and keep our boats in beverly/salem/marblehead
  6. I used to live 10 miles away. Most the town was built in the 80s when high tech hit. Nice bedroom community. Yes there is a the Bud plant. The far end of the industrial complex of the wasterwater treatment plant (ever wonder why Bud tastes like piss??). Across the street is the FAA regional center that manages flights handed off across the Atlantic until they reach Europe. North end of town you are getting into Manchester which is an old mill town. On the town line is the local strip joint. On the south side is a outlet mall, Fidelit Investment's IT department
  7. some observations: Went to Arlington Va last night (suburb of DC, home of Pentagon). Saw a lot of tankers including a lot of old equipment with no names on the sides which was likely brought online to help stem the demand. On Route 50 (road out of DC into the sticks out west), about 20 percent of gas stations were closed and the rest had long lines as the night progressed. Reminded me of the 70s, though the lines were about half as long. Could be cars are only half the size of the monsters we used to drive back then.. They were also running public transit much l
  8. I hear you Moon. Need to do a round trip to DC tonight/tomorrow. Have enough plus 30 miles if everything is tapped out. Guy from Long Island who bought a buddy's Sabre is heading home tomorrow in his pickup after working on it for a week. I do believe he will be screwed. The US can release all the reserves they want. If there is no way to move them up the coast, it is useless. Thank Goodness additional capacity has been built over the past 10 years which hopefully can pick up a bit of the slack. But there is damn little excessive capacity due to the costs and lead
  9. should be all kinds of fun by this evening.. https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/gas-run-has-begun-fuel-stations-run-dry-amid-hacked-pipeline Of course this investigation falls under the cybersecurity quizkids at DHS who were sleeping at the wheel when all the other sites were attacked by the same group. Most useless department in the US Government. From the TSA body gropers at the airport who miss 90% of the test bombs to these lazy SOBs who should have put a stop to the shenanigans weeks ago. Nothing but a US version of the Stazi to spy on US citizens. But DHS
  10. Ahhh you were able to endure looking long enough to note that stripe eh? Glutton for punishment aren't you For hose with the fortitude to look at that thing, please note the Hunter power arch for the large speakers and stripper disco ball for the wife and friends to dance to. Or that vertical destroyer bow that will destroy shoulders in 2 hours fighting with you in confused seas. The keel looks like full length meets centerboard (looks like all kinds of fun to spin in a marina runway), and the stern is missing 3 feet. Looks exactly how a 1st grader draws a sailboat
  11. the shit has now officially hit the fan. There are gas shortages due to the ransomware https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/gas-run-has-begun-fuel-stations-run-dry-amid-hacked-pipeline
  12. Come on. This Benneteau is the champion of the world. This boat sat in front of the broker for 9 months before they hid moved it to a boatyard down the street for couple more months. Somehow I do not think it will look any better over time...
  13. I expect the government will be kicking down some bedroom doors and hauling the hackers off to the who-scow to make a statement. US Chamber of Commerce to High Tech in Silicon Valley will be calling the Treasury Secretary and Homeland Security head out of a dinner party and demanding they do something. May not get the true puppet masters, but the word will get out this is not the time to be fucking around cause the giant only needs to glance off you and you are still squashed.. The Colonial pipeline hack was some serious shit. You can grind the economy of the East Coast to a
  14. The fact is his skits were so unfunny, he destroyed his favorite cryptocurrency (fell a third) as the show progressed.. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/dogecoin-demolished-after-musks-snl-snafu It will be interesting to see what becomes of him when his electric cars are no longer being bought and the stock is finally understood to be overvalued The fact VW & Audi are already running commercials in the US while the e-mustang is out says that time may be soon...
  15. repainted my awlgrip hull with Alexseal last month. The flag blue paint was 37years old. Just worn out with scratches and small dings. Ditto the rig in Matterhorn white, but the surface of that had started to break down and was getting a rough feel to it. Suggest buffing with Awlcare with polisher with a foam pad. If it does not come up looking good in your eyes, you know it is time to repaint...
  16. shit is getting serious now.. https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/gasoline-prices-soar-after-colonial-gives-no-timetable-hacked-pipeline-restart
  17. if organizations had a active backup plan, they could have restored up to the day before in 24 hours, reset all the passwords and be happliy going about their business. But not everyone has a CIO who understands risks/level of destruction. Or they have a board that is too cheap and/or stupid to pay for proper backup. The money on the line is at a level of inconvenience. You gore the big boys, they will hunt you down like a dog. Back in the 90s, some of you may remember the KAOS computer hackers coming out and saying they had hacked the Pentagon and NASA. Made the news worl
  18. got an email from a long time buddy in Ottawa saying he was watching TV today and they had the sailing on from Bermuda and he really enjoyed it. Did I mention he is a life long powerboat guy who hates sailboats? If it gets to the smokers to come over to the dark side, EXCELLENT, production values be damned...
  19. I did buy during the BOGO, but: I tried to buy at the start of the sale online, but it would not take the order. Had to wait 3 hours for the West Coast to come online so I could talk to a sales person in Watsonville. They told me the reason I could not do the order is because you could only buy what they had in stock. I had wanted chrome Evo 30s as they are half an inch shorter and these were to replace cockpit winches behind a dodger. No go. Also no go on black anodized EVO 30s or plain aluminum ones. So I ended up getting chrome 30 waves as those were in stock. One was
  20. a better example is Lou Gerstner at IBM in the 1990s. His brother was a senior VP at IBM and being groomed to take over when John Akers retired. But his brother developed cancer just as John gave his 1 year retirement announcement and IBM started looking about. Well brother Lou had done well selling smokes at Phillip Morris or one of the other cigarette makers. Lets put him in charge for the interim. So they make Lou the CEO and he turned IBM around (that time). Brother recovered from the cancer and wanted the CEO position but the board said "We are sure you do, but your b
  21. Bingo! Seeing how you are on roll, do you happen to have tonight's winning lottery numbers???
  22. Looking for board members to email my displeasure on a winch I paid for that has been backordered for 7 weeks and no resolution in sight, I see West Marine got taken private by investment firm L. Catterton. This happened on the 14th of April according to CBS marketwatch and investment site Seeking Alpha. https://www.crunchbase.com/acquisition/lcatterton-acquires-west-marine--24b2a6b4 The executive team looks almost all new comparing folks on the WM site, so there must have been a major shakeup. Seems like internal focus is the current order of the day (eg navel g
  23. want a Jeep like ride? Then buy a Jeep Want to go offroad? then get the Wrangler Rubicon Want the most badass Rubicon, get the new one with the 470 hp 392 V8 from the factory... and a sound that stirs the soul....
  24. A clay bar will take out minor contaminants in the paint before you seal it. If your paint is faded, you are going to need to polish it to remove the chalked paint as the clay bar is not aggressive enough. If your paint is rougher than a night in county lockup, you will need a to compound, then polish to remove the scratches. In some cases you need to wet sand (eg color sand) first. I have turned totaled paint to better than factory new (eg no orange peel) before sealing. Whether you use ceramics, wax or otherwise, you need to get the paint right first. Just like
  25. I said rub it on LIKE a like wax, not put on a wax. You pour a bit from bottle onto an application pad (I use those circular foam pads) and just rub it onto the surface. Let it haze (even though you cannot see the haze) and the wipe with a clean towel. Done!
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