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  1. Looking for board members to email my displeasure on a winch I paid for that has been backordered for 7 weeks and no resolution in sight, I see West Marine got taken private by investment firm L. Catterton.  This happened on the 14th of April  according to CBS marketwatch and investment site Seeking Alpha.




    The executive team looks almost all new comparing folks on the WM site, so there must have been a major shakeup.

    Seems like internal focus is the current order of the day (eg navel gazing).

    Anyone know what is going on in Watsonville?

  2. A clay bar will take out minor contaminants in the paint before you seal it.

    If your paint is faded, you are going to need to polish it to remove the chalked paint as the clay bar is not aggressive enough.

    If your paint is rougher than a night in county lockup, you will need a to compound, then polish to remove the scratches.  In some cases you need to wet sand (eg color sand) first.   I have turned totaled paint to better than factory new (eg no orange peel) before sealing.


    Whether you use ceramics, wax or otherwise, you need to get the paint right first.

    Just like your hull, that takes a lot of labor and materials to prep a car correctly. Hence the variation in costs.  If it takes 3 days to prep the vehicle before waxing/sealing, you are going to be writing a big check.

    Just like a boat, there is "good enough" and perfection.  Perfection takes a shitload more time and there is no elixir in a bottle that is going to bypass all that prep work.

    You need to ask what a detailer is doing to justify their prices.  Some fly by nighters may be conning you.  A professional can easily justify their labors.  Your chiselng ass may balk at paying for perfection but there there are others who will lavish such love on their car.

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  3. 7 hours ago, billy backstay said:


    So fereverlslow is saying to wax first, then ceramic coat??  I tried to quote and reply, but could not delete the embedded video.....


    I said rub it on LIKE a like wax, not put on a wax.

    You pour a bit from bottle onto an application pad (I use those circular foam pads) and just rub it onto the surface.

    Let it haze (even though you cannot see the haze) and the wipe with a clean towel.  Done!

  4. I was a Mother's carunba wax (no cleaner) for 25 years on all my cars, suvs and motorcycles.

    Polish out car, rub it on, let it haze, then remove the haze.


    I switched to the Meguiars ceramic wax last summer on my Volvos.



    Wash your car and rub on like a liquid wax.  You then wipe it off with a mircofibre towel.

    - It does not haze so you need to remember where you applied it.

    - Easier to buff off reside than traditional wax

    - You can put it on plastic or rubber without it leaving residue.

    - It is good for at least 6 months.

    - If your car is dirty and you drive into a rainstorm, the majority of the dirt washes off.  In a rush you can just hit the car with a hose and get 90 percent of stuff off in 2 minutes.

    Good stuff.


    They also make a spray it on a car and hose off wax product.


    That product is snake oil.  Does not work very well and does not last more than 2 months.



    Farm Project did a test on ceramic waxes a couple months ago.


    Megiars came in the middle of the road, but you can pick it up in any parts store or Walmart.

    There are a lot of videos on Youtube, but most is bs from bozo car detailers.


    Ceramic waxes are not a fad.  They work well.  and contained in wax, you do not have to be careful like you are defusing a nuclear bomb (eg the pure ceramic products) else risk ruining your paint.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Ishmael said:

    You drop $2K on a coffee maker and bitch about someone making $15 an hour?


    sure.  It has a great ROI over 7 years versus your $6 paper cup of coffee every morning.

    and I do not have to get in line or take any shit from some flunky who thinks they smart, or listen to the buttheads/Karens in line in front of me.


  6. 36 minutes ago, Laker said:

    I don't see an analysis of dealing in a different world with the burger joint and the computer company.  They are very different economic models.   Paying the $15/hr in a price fixed franchise is a bit of a pugs game that can only be approached on a governmental level.  Problem is that it has to be on a social basis.  The results of inequity are manifest and people are ignoring it.  So my friend, ditch the burger joint as fast as you can.

    This is supposed to be about stupid taxes, but to answer your question: No they are not different models.

    For ANY good or service, there is a price people are willing to pay. You cannot charge more unless you have a monopoly like the government. With competition, if your expenses get too high you either cut the costs or FAIL.  This applies to big and small companies.



    Here are examples of employees thinking they were owned something for just showing up, but found out differently when their job disappeared:

    In the early 70s I remember the 6 pm news with strikes all the time but the most constant were Ma Bell (think AT&T) telephone operators looking for more money and benefits.  Over the course of 15 years, AT&T automated ALL of it.  When was the last time you actually talked to an operator??    at&T no longer gets outages due to strikes and their operational costs are down.  And then they turned on their systems people.  Back in the late 80s, the senior VP of engineering at AT&T loved to ski in Colorado.  He thought the lifestyle was the greatest. So he moved the engineering team out there.  Well life was good but projects were not being completed on time and costs soared. Without him knowing, the board built a new team of engineers in a windowless building in Northern NJ and had them build the same projects as the Colorado team.  The NJ team got theirs done on time and the board canned the VP and everyone in Colorado.  They were already saving buku bucks but that was not good enough.


    UAW did the same looking for stupid overly generous benefits just to justify the union's existence.   hourly rates, sick time rules, pension plans.  Labor costs went crazy.  So the big 3 went in big time for robots.  the foreign competitors used to travel to the US just to see how they did it.   The number of employees needed to build an auto fell and those jobs were gone forever.


    Burger Joint example you say? 

    You ever been to a Burger King?   You know when you order your food and they hand you the cup to go fill up your drink?  Well that USED to be BK employee's job, but they got rid of it to help pay for the increasing min wage in the late 90s.


    I have automated and eliminated the jobs of stockroom personnel, technical support engineers, contact negotiators, and business planners around the world. Most these people had real degrees and technical skills.     I could re-engineer any process and in doing so find ways to take out cost which usually is in labor.  Yes, even the dreaded off-shoring.    I do not feel bad about it.  I know they will can my ass if I put up a hissy-fit.  As the mob likes to say "Its just business..".


    My  $2K Jura automated coffee maker from Austria that makes a superb cup of coffee I will put against anything and anyone.  It does this by grinding the beans for the cup and compressing them, heating and mixing the water, and putting into a cup of a size I determine, and then cleaning out the grounds ready for the next cup.  Has a timer if I want to wake up to my Joe ready to drink.  Unit is good for 7-10 years of constant use before  the need to send it in for a rebuild.    the higher priced models have automated the fancy coffee drinks.    Many law firms, doctor offices and auto dealerships have them so that they no longer need a person to make coffee for their staff and customers.      So as far as I am concerned, those baristas are on borrowed time.


    Bottom line: Get your labor costs out of line, and the owner is going to find a way to re-align costs usually in ways one will not like (eg just passing on the costs).  In this case it will be the government with stupid policies who will force the firing of those folks with lower skills and who need a job the most...

    It is called the law of unintended consequences.

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  7. 5 hours ago, Sail4beer said:

    Like when they tell you that your pension is gone and you retired 3 days earlier. I hope the$60/hour was saved too...

    that's Polaroid man.  The SOBs who bought the company totally FUCKED the employees and stole their pensions to pay off the junk bonds.


    for the UAW, the past 20 years have been a slow transition from sweetheart pensions something more modest for the new hires.  Remember reading at the time of the resentment of the new employees getting less money, only a 401K and less health care benefits next to the older stiff doing the exact same job on the line.

    But Olds plant in Framingham Mass is a distant memory.  And with it, that $60 gig went POOF!


    Defined pension plans have gone the way of the doo-doo bird.  Well except in government with they still think they are special.  Look at the massive pension deficits in Chicago, California, NJ and Illinois.   They are banking on congress refilling their plans with taxpayer money from other states as part of the Great Reset which they will blame on COVID.  



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  8. 8 hours ago, AJ Oliver said:

    Hey, we are pretty much having a civil discussion !! 

    Way to go SA !! 

    To my more right-sided friends above, I would note several points: 

    First, the progressive agenda is wildly popular. The $15, M4A, wealth taxes, GND (Green New Deal) are all supported by a solid majority of USAeans - including a near plurality of Republicans. Lots of cites for this if you question it. 

    Second, the progressive agenda is not pie in the sky. It is working in many countries as we speak and write. 

    who gives  a shit what new dealers like?  They have nothing but opinions based on clown degrees with no basis in science or economics.

    You can bully folks with regulations  on what to pay, but in the end, economics always come into play.  Just takes time. But when it does, it strikes with a vengeance.


    You raise minimum wage to $15 and I have 10 people making $12 recurrently in my burger joint, I am going to can 3 people for I a going to make my profit for my time and investment and I cannot just pass increased costs on in a competitive world like the government can as they are a monopoly. 

    What do you say to the 3 folks who now make $0 per hour?    I am going to tell them the truth.  I cannot afford them anymore.


    I spent 40 years designing computer systems.

    When the economy was good, we had lots of work. When the economy is bad we had even more work as we automated jobs so people could  be laid off. Pure ROI of what it cost us to design and operate an automated solution versus ongoing personnel costs.

    In a factory setting the owners also have the option of moving the jobs overseas.


    You want 15 bucks or better?  Go to school at night and get a degree in designing products or services people will pay for and leave that entry level job.  I do not need to pay 15 bucks to some bun hair twit to make my coffee and hand me a danish just because they are paying for a useless degree just like the UAW learned the hard way GM was could not afford to pay a flunkie $60/hr to toss a spare tire in the trunk of a Cutlass rolling down the assembly line in 1974. Sooner or later it catches up with you.

    When the economy slows due to the upcoming tax hikes, there will be hell to be paid and printing funny money is not going to solve it.  Then you kiddies are going to get the dose of reality those of us who suffered from the mid 70s to late 80s lived through.   High inflation and low employment.


    The bill is coming due in Canada for Justin's liberal policies (I have a buddy in Ottawa who rages at me every other month on the insanity).  That is going to happen in the states too.  As other have said, these liberal policies have happened before and the results were not good.   Look at the loss of revenue in Conn on the millionaire tax implemented  a couple years ago.  And now NJ is doing the same tax.  There are some stupid shits out there thinking it will work this time my B-I-L included.


    Much as it may annoy you, that is reality.  As John Butcher crooned 30 years ago "If wishes were horses, then dreamers would ride"


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  9. 4 hours ago, occams_razor said:

    That reminds me, what is recommended PPE for brush application of Alexseal?  I see supplied air for spraying, wondering about outdoor tip and roll.  

    I followed Andy Miller on  Boatworks to a "T".





    I used the 3/16 Redtree mohair rollers like Andy



    I used quality 1" foam brushes for tight area like around hardware or where the bow and deck meet.  Very little brush work (like 10 minutes total on the boat).

  10. 6 hours ago, occams_razor said:

    Thanks @Foreverslow.  Are you doing this in Deltaville (had our last boat in Deltaville for many years)?  How quickly is the Alexseal drying for you (i.e. how many of Virgina's bugs are leaving crawl marks on your paint job)?

    Yes, it currently resides at Stingray Boatworks on Stingray point for 2 more weeks before launch.

    The boat spars had some serious pollen on it this morning, but final wipe down with prep-sol on a microfiber towel took care of that in short order.  Another yard client came up and said there was a huge wind yesterday afternoon that rained yellow pollen everywhere from a giant yellow cloud. Today was clear with little pollen after the rain last night.

    I do have some tiny bugs near the masthead as that is next to the wetlands.  They seem to love the smell of epoxy.  Will let the paint dry and wash them off tomorrow.


    I get about 15-20 minutes to correct any issues in Matterhorn White.  In flag blue on the hull, the number is 4.5 minutes.

    As the temps got to mid 70s and the sun started heating things up late afternoon, the paint started to drag, but a bit of reducer took care of that.

    If one is going to roll 2 part, I HIGHLY suggest trying to do the final coat on a cloudy day.  It makes the task easier between glare, heating of the substrate, evaporation of the reducer, the reduction in need to work the paint which in turns causes air bubbles etc.


    Biggest issue today was going snowblind trying to look for holidays on the bright white spars.  I will recheck in morning to touch up any I might find in the first 10 feet.  Anything higher nobody is going to notice...  ;<)


  11. Will complete repainting my spars tomorrow with Alexseal (got rained out today..).

    A couple things I learned on this journey.

    1. Alexseal is tough stuff.  24 hours after application, it is tough as original Awlgrip.  I cannot imagine how tough it becomes when the official 21 day curing time is complete.

    2. Awlgrip is also some tough stuff.  I was going to strip the spars bare, but the 37 year old primer was like new under the top coat, so I sanded off the topcoat and added a couple coats of Alexseal primer.

    3. In doing my research I ran across a technical conference (geeks with callused hands) by Alexseal on Youtube .  In it they said both Awlgrip and Alexseal were not initially developed for boats, but for the aircraft industry who were looking for a coating that could hold up to the rigors of airliners and some kind of special hydraulic fluid that would eat any coating alive at the time.  Marine use was a way to expand market.


    For this application, I would venture either would get the job done.  With Alexseal's A5018 additive, there is no need to tip.  In light colors it is easy to make it looked sprayed. For dark colors, you have work really hard to make it look sprayed.  Download their manual and read it a couple times including the sections on how to apply to various substrates.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Grande Mastere Dreade said:


    reminds me of the old joke about the police officer who comes upon a car crashed into a tree.  As we walks up, he sees 3 inebriated passengers in the back.  Clearly pissed he demands to know who was driving.

    One of drunks looks at him and says "None of us officer.  We were all in the back singing.."

  13. I talked to Pettit tech support 2 weeks ago on this subject.

    The fact is the company that makes Irgarol decided to stop producing it.  They own the formula so there is zip Pettit can do.

    They have discontinued all paints (hard and ablative) with Irgarol.

    There are still pockets of SR on the web. Suggest you jump on some.


    Irgarol is designed to stop slime. Works great for about 4 months here on the Southern Chesapeake Bay.  After that you are back to periodically wiping down the hull.

  14. 12 hours ago, crashtack said:

    What a braindead take. Who cares how many people can name sailing olympians? I can name the gold medalists of maybe 5 sports, does that mean we should just cancel the rest?

    You missed the point.

    Eyesailor admits he meant to say among sailors when I called him on it.


    Though you may have their photos framed in your house with candles next to them, none of them will never be known world wide like Olga Korbert, Mark Spitz, or Jessie Owens.  Shit, none of them ever made the front of a box of Wheaties..

    Secondly, outside of us sailors nobody gives a rat's ass about sailing in the Olympics.  They never rate prime time viewing, interviews of friends and family back home, or even 10 seconds of action in promotional ads leading up to the event.  With as many events as we have, how come we do not have whole hours of competition on the tube?  They show the whole 2 hour marathon, but you lucky to get 15 seconds of a class event as they show you who own and where the US placed.

    The fact we have more than 1 type boat in Olympics is amazing.  They do not have different events for different length javelins.  The greatest sailor should be able to win in any class.  That is what the Olympics are about.  You are the best sailor PERIOD!  All the housing a country needs to build to house these competitors of variations of the same sport.


    Instead we get played into these dramas by the powers that be.  US Ailing mis-allocates large amounts of membership money to this and megayachtt racing, neither of which has any quantifiable impact on our sport.  We should be focused on teaching large numbers of new sailors racing to seed the stock for the future, helping organize more national championships, and improving the skill level of all sailors so they are more likely to participate, not focus on 2 dozen people who get to actually do the event every 4 years.

    Hey, it is great they want to dedicate 4 years to trying to achieve that goal.  Still several levels below the kid who puts his ass on the line to serve their country for 4 years in some hell hole with no prospect of fame and fortune or a hookup with an Olympic hottie.

    we get played into arguing this tripe hoping to legitimize our favorite boat.  But nobody else in the world cares.  Show photos of all the  boats to competitors at the Olympic village and it is unlikely the non-sailors can match the photo with the boat type.  But they tell you a hammer, disc, high hurdle vs low hurdle, pommel horse  etc. Ditto the viewing public.


    All funds are limited, so we need to make hard decisions on where to spend it.  Will a new boat class bring non-sailors over in such numbers that we can actually catch 30 minutes of sailing in an evening (prime time) during the Olympics or have people lined up to learn how to sail it the following week?   Unlikely.

    Sailing is a very, very small part of the Olympics. Much the same as golf.  The golf crowd seem to get it.

    The sooner we act like like adults and make the hard decisions, the sooner our sport will thrive.

  15. 7 hours ago, EYESAILOR said:

    The Finn produced some of the most famous Olympians of all time ...Paul Elvstrom, Ben Ainslie, Russell Coutts.   There must have been something about the boat that attracted so much talent.

    But It doesnt maintain gender equality so sadly, its not going to be the Finn.


    Get real..

    I'd put up a grand wager I can walk into the US Olympic training Center in Colorado Springs and ask the first 3 athletes  I happen upon to name the sport each of these Olympians succeeded in and they would not have a clue.

    Sailing as an Olympic sport is in there with the little girls jumping around with a ribbon attached to stick..


    Nobody cares except their parents...



  16. 120K is not bad.  Volvo was running Toyota slush boxes for a while after Ford bought them (got rid of the GM trannies). Volvo says never change the fluid.

    They are full of shit, but 120K is not bad.


    Perform or get a complete flush where they drain the pan, refill and then disconnect the line coming out of the cooler.  attach a piece of vinyl tube into a milk jug.  you kick over the motor and watch the fluid flow via a plastic tube into an empty gallon milk jug.  At 3 qts, stop the motor, add 3 qts ATF to the tranny and repeat.  by the time you have done this 3 times, the fluid will go from dark red/brown to cherry red and you are good to go.  Reconnect the fitting and recheck fluid level.

    Important thing is to use quality ATF.  The quick lube shops use low end crap that can destroy your tranny in short order.

    You can buy a case of Toyota ATF on amazon for short money.   If you do this, there is no need to change the filter.  The Toyota ATF is quality stuff, especially the WS-1 (a synthetic atf) , but I am not sure if it was used in 2007.  Your manual will tell you.


  17. One of the folks on the weather channel interviewed a fiance of a crew member. She said she had been texting with her SO earlier in the day,  and they had talked about fact the boat was in harbor and went out knowing a nasty storm was forecast.  According to her, he thought leaving port was a stupid move.

    If true and there are such texts, the shipping company is going to have to do some serious damage control.  Unlikely to hear much on this angle until recovery efforts are complete.

  18. 3 hours ago, Max Rockatansky said:

    I’m guessing you never sailed the GOM. Short period waves are normal, even well offshore 

    no, but that sounds like the Chesapeake due to being so shallow.  But they had more fetch to really let the waves build.


    Interesting quote:

    Capt. Ronald Dufrene told CBS his offshore trawler "Mister Jug" was in the area when the incident occurred. He said winds were at least 80 mph and seas rose 15 to 20 feet. 

    "They lost the wind gage at 80 miles an hour," Dufrene said. "They say it blew like that for more than an hour."

    "People who have been fishing 30, 40 years - the first time they put their life jackets on was yesterday. ... I know three boats for sure said that," Dufrene said.


    When the hardasses get religion about PFDs, you know it was bad.

    Severe storm fronts have been going on for several days now.  Got a text from a buddy in New Orleans a couple days ago warning of an approaching cold front that had trashed his home.  Worst storm he had seen in years including a couple hurricanes.  Luckily it died out before hitting us.

  19. Lived 12 years longer than he should have.

    How do you fuck over widows and people doing work for the weak and poor?


    The SEC never caught him even after being warned something was amiss by a financial guy in Boston 3 times over a couple years.

    Bernie turned himself in.

    Rumor is besides screwing over friends, family, and charitable institutions, he also burned some folks in his luxury high rise associated with organized crime.

    Folks that like to make examples of those who cross them.

    The prison walls were not to stop him from getting out.  it was to keep others from getting to him..


    At least he had lots of time to think about how he destroyed the lives of those he loved the most.

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