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  1. to paraphrase Rick Pitino "Pink Floyd is not walking through that door.." https://www.iheart.com/content/2021-03-11-david-gilmour-has-absolutely-no-desire-to-reunite-pink-floyd/?mid=586753&rid=1644152&sc=email&pname=newsletter&cid=NATIONAL&keyid=National iHeart Daily Classic Rock&campid=headline1_readmore
  2. does anyone know why they have that nnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound constantly drowning out the commentators and the onboard crews? JFC, when I watch NASCAR I do not hear 40 V8s screaming at 8,000 rpm for 4 hours straight. They could put that onto one of the channels so the viewer could shut it off as it adds NOTHING to the program. Or they could noise cancel it with little fanfare. Whoever thought this was a good idea deserves one hell of a wedgie... Fucking nerds...
  3. Did you know installing new software without through exercising all functionality on a separate test platform is considered bush league and frowned upon as any unplanned side effects upset your installed base. Unless you are Microsoft...
  4. Borrow an ATN.mast climber from someone on the dock. https://www.sailrite.com/ATN-Mastclimber-Bosuns-Chair I have lent mine out many a time. You pull yourself up the mast and can stand above the mast head making repairs to windex, instruments a lot easier than a bosom's chair.
  5. This is where those fat ass crew members earn their brewskis. Grab a halyard and have them pull the boat over. That mast give LOTS of leverage. Once watched a BIG guy repeatedly dunk himself ("He's a witch!") when his j-80 got sideways to the swell. Funny as shit to us onlookers heading out to the race course..
  6. 2 stories About 30 years ago a retired couple from Westford Mass lived in Florida in winter to beat the snow and cold. They come back early April to find their house GONE!. Nothing but a driveway and a square dirt imprint where the house used to sit. WTF??? They immediately went to the Westford PD who said "We have been expecting you" Evidently the house had been converted to gas, but the fill pipe had been left on the house. Oil company flunky got the house number wrong on a delivery and had pumped about 400 gallons into the basement before they figured "Gee th
  7. Remember back in the 90s when Roger Waters had his hissy fit about who owned the band name and how David's music was "engineered" and not from the heart. At the time Roger had his band basically on the same tour as Pink Floyd with about weeks between them at the same venues. Roger wrote better lyrics but David kicked his fucking ass when it came to playing. The following year Waters shows up with his Radio Kaos tour and Gilmour & company wiped the floor with them.. Seen him play about a dozen times, always mesmerized how he could pick the perfect note to follow the l
  8. tell me about it. I have a 37 year old boat. That stuff occasionally oozes out from under a fitting and I have to clean the deck of it..
  9. I live on Chesapeake Bay We have hurricanes that glance off each summer (when we are lucky). we currently have counties on the NC border that have not had power for 2 weeks due to back to back massive ice storms that snapped power poles like matchsticks Me? I got a generator and enough propane to run it for a month. Exactly how the hell are you supposed to keep the steaks and shrimp frozen or make margaritas without ice? ;<) Cold showers build character, but I rather have a long hot shower after cleaning up the yard when a storm tears the place up. as
  10. did you read the title? Telling you right now, us old geezers are not crawling anywhere other than out of a bar at daybreak...
  11. Having done services for 4 decades at the biggest computer companies : 1. We tracked every component down to separate manufacturers to know how long each component would live. you start on an estimate from historical data and technology, but you track issues and what caused them. We knew the MTTF (mean time between failures) of every component and when in total could estimate when a board or even full product would fail. It is the only way not to lose your shirt on warranty costs that come out of your margin for years after the sale. Things like quality power supplies cost more but
  12. Let me get this straight. A neighbor comes over at a reasonable 8 am in the morning and cleans ones driveway of snow and this is taken as a problem? Shouldn't this be in the Karen thread? Back when I lived where the white shit fell from the sky, I owned a top of the line Ariens with the hood etc. But if a neighbor did my drive, I would open the door to thank them and offer them an Irish coffee. How you can tell if you have a bad neighbor: - They dealing drugs all times of the day and night. Junkies are knocking on your door because they cannot read house numbe
  13. these stereo consoles are all the rage with the millennials. For her college graduation and getting her own apartment in the big city, I decided to refurb some 60s furniture for my daughter. Took this early 1960s German stereo my F-I-L brought back from a tour of duty in Europe and stripped/refinished it along replacing the grill cloth. The electronics were hosed, so I tore those out, but kept the classic buttons for the radio. Then I swapped in Polk Auto 6.5" and dedicated tweeter speakers into it, along with an external sub-woofer to balance the sound. Radio was repl
  14. we have 6 foot finger piers off the fixed main dock that we have to come in bow first due to water. not a lot to work with and it sucks to climb up a bow with lots of freeboard when the tide is really low (have a step). I have pre-measured spring lines that are attached to the pilings near the stern. Spliced nice big eyes to putting over the cleats. the spring lines lay on top of lines tied from the forward and aft pilings on each side. This way they are mostly out of the water and keeps them off the mud bottom.. As I come to my slip, I have specific speeds at certain distance
  15. You do not detail how you will use the boat which will help. Some excellent advice has been given to you. Having retired couple months ago, i have started down this journey. In my case I am upgrading my current boat. Over the years I have seen too many folks retire, buy a boat 10-15 feet larger and after 1 cruise they own a boat too large to sail and/or maintain an it never gets used. If the SO is not doing much today to help sail it, that will not change in the future. Do not buy more boat than you will be able to single hand, as chances are your crew will start to
  16. Due to the positive reviews here, I ordered up a gently used copy on Amazon a couple weeks ago. It sits proudly on my coffee table as I savor every paragraph. The Admiral has no issue with this. Thanks to all for the recommendation.
  17. co worker in Salem NH lived on a lake with very narrow roads. It was a bad road in the summertime. In the winter it made a luge track look like a highway. Every fricking storm, this tool across the street would wait until 9 pm or so and then come out and plow his short driveway and screw up all the work his neighbors had done by pushing it out and then pushing it into the neighbor's clean drives. Talking nicely to him went nowhere.. It was time to make a point. Next major dump, they clean their drives and sure enough about 9 pm he comes out and cleans his drive at the expense of eve
  18. for you Darwin prone... https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/snow-blowers-recalled-amid-winter-storms-over-amputation-hazard
  19. Over the years I have noticed that the same people who are not up on the current rules due to skipping the free seminars to discuss rule changes are the same people who blow off the free sail trimming, race tactics, and crew management seminars. And funny thing is, they are usually the same folks who get their asses handed to them on the water. At the same time, the folks who win all the time always seem to be at those seminars and it is not to brag/ bust chops, but to see if they can pick up something they may have missed over the years. But blaming others is soooo
  20. Another possibility 2 years ago my wife had vertigo that came out of nowhere and was debilitating. Scared shitless to drive a car. Went to an ear specialist. In her case there was dead cells or some-such in her inner ear floating around that had lodge on a receptor and was causing havoc. Doctor put her on a inversion table and started moving her about to make the offending crud get off the inner ear receptor (eg controlled shaking of a snow globe). 30 minutes late she came out fine and has not had an issue afterwards. An appointment with a good ear doctor may be of help..
  21. May want to take a run to a couple junkyards or the metal pile at your landfill and see if there are any similar generators there and remove the board for swapping into your generac to see if it resolves the issue. I would check what models use the same board to expand the odds of being successful. Likely more successful in areas full of retirees who will not think twice to swap a generator out once it is a couple years old and have an issue or just bought the house and want to ensure back up power during a major storm. A lot of idiots blow up motors due to not changing the oil or ch
  22. also note one line is stretchy nylon and the other lower stretch polyester. Trimming must be a bitch, but somehow I do not think these bozos spend much time and effort trimming.
  23. am I the only one who noticed this cheap and cheerful line splice in that article's photo? Not sure how well it works on the self tailer or through a block...
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