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  1. I did that Golf thing a couple years back 1st minus 30 phrf 2nd minus 20 3 minus 10 last plus 30 second to last plus 20 with 12 boats sailing the season in 10 races ..... 1st 2nd 3rd were the same as regular phrf last 3 were the same only differece was between 4 5 6 place .... AT the end the fast boats had low double digit Phrf and the slow boats were close to 300 .... It was fun to do but not worth the hassle
  2. thanks for all the answers.... keep in mind that I close ALL big red lever thru hulls every weekend. The only one I have question about i s the pitifull small on the saildrive raw water intake . it takes 40 ? ??? turns its basically internally and no lines are attached .... hence I assume that the water circulated within the motor above the waterline before it gets to the waterpump and eventually back out the exhaust ... Thanks Thor
  3. Hello coming from the darkside ( Trimaran ) where thru hulls were not an issue. However now I am on a lead I am wondering what you guys and gals do with your boats during the week. I am glad to close all the big red thru hulls all over the boat.. However, what about the tiny screw type on the sail drive portion of the Yanmar.... That thing is the pits to close and open .... what is your opinion
  4. towing..... yeah... I had a 28 R and towed it with a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV and a Porsche Cayenne .... it was horrible ... later with a Toyota Tundra truck absolutely no problems. same as my former F 33 with the Toyota Tundra no problems at all.... In my opinion its not just towing capacity but wheelbase .... the longer the better .
  5. just make a paypal button for 5 .10 20 dlr on the front page ( it does exist right ? )
  6. I love Pensacola area check out Ft Walton as well the Yacht Club is awesome ....pretty sure they have a youth program as well
  7. Peter.... being relative new do you sail ( measure ) the true wind or apparent ? 15 true and going 15 might be just a tad more wind than you think. My 28 R when pressed hard with good crew was diving at times. But every sheet was in hand and everybody was ready to dump ( not just release ). in flat water and perfect conditions we had it up to 24 knots at one time. 18 ish a lot . My Farrier F 33 is behaving much more docile and I had a beginner sailor on the helm when we went 23 knots ( I was very close to grab stuff from him ) and again sheets in hand. Never had the float submerged on
  8. I just hope that Ian's family got a boatload of cash from the deal, but also I was thinking that Ian's heart attack flying back home has something to do with this. This is so sad on so many levels.
  9. used mine on a couples race a couple years back to furl in screacher ...... somebody made a remark, I had no idea..lol dropped out of the race and let another couple win .. no big deal for our own races since than, we add to the NOR and SI that electric winches are allowed. They are not as fast as experienced crew anyhow. It also sets a tone to allow older folks to race and be inclusive. We need every participant we can get
  10. the fine folks at Good Old Boat have my F 33 as their featured Boat test in the Jan/Feb issue. Ian would be proud.
  11. heheh I paid for an add scooter …. no need to take my post down


  12. Got the upgrade foils from Farrier, they look very similar to Phils foils No ventilation …. or at least I never had any.... fastest was 23 knots I need to get back out of my slip and turn fully around in 1 1/2 boat lengths …. no problem with slow maneuvers either. very happy to have them Thor F 33
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