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  1. What the f*ck is De Nora's problem? I get the distinct impression that he doesn't like his father's side of the family.
  2. TNZ did tune-up with Nippon Challenge in 2000, prior to the match.
  3. If memory serves, we have James Ashbury to thank for the 1 v 1 format of the challenger and defender selection series.
  4. Why has Ed gone quiet? He just chucked a stone into the pond and then fucked off.
  5. Kinda stating the obvious here, but grinding is physically demanding and fatiguing. How the heck can Hutch possibly have all his faculties intact, whilst being fatigured?! Don't hand me that BS that these are the best sailors on the planet, etc. Fatigue affects any and everyone. I agree with either Hutch coming off the pedestals and being the tactician full time, or make Goodie tactician or make Goodie the driver.
  6. It was horrible seeing Hutch by his lonesome at the press conference. That sucks, and I really feel for the guy. Sure, I can understand why he was there by himself, as he's the skipper. He probably made the call to represent the AM team at the conference and to give the team the time to take stock of what needs to be done, and to have a plan in place. Not seeing Dean in the AM video posted above is concerning. I hope that the team haven't led him out to pasture. That would invalidate the whole statement Hutch made: We win as a team, and we lose as a team. Someone said that Dean
  7. Yes, but which bowlers? I think that it all comes back to Warner. Watching Steve Smith's press conference when he landed back in AUS was extremely painful, and I was gutted for him. This is coming from someone who doesn't like the Aussie cricket team at all. Speaking of Warner, that last test series against South Africa (in SA) had everything. It was very contentious, especially with some off-the-field antics at Kingsmead between Quinton de Kock and Warner, on their way up the steps into the Kingsmead dressing rooms. As we say in SA, a speech was imminent as Faf came out of the chang
  8. My thoughts exactly. My belief is that Warner was the mastermind behind sandpaper-gate and that Smith took the fall. Bancroft was the newbie in the team and wanted to fit in, and ended up doing something truly stupid.
  9. What's to stop INEOS from sandbagging in the Prada Cup, all the way until the semi-finals? Answer: nothing. Due to there being only 3 challengers, we're (stupidly) going to have semi-finals and finals. IMHO, they should've done away with the semi-finals and only held finals for the top 2 ranked challengers at the end of the Prada Cup round-robin matches. This would've prevented any sandbagging and ensured that we get competitive racing.
  10. I didn't hear Terry at all, so I don't think that he was on the boat for race 2.
  11. The highlighted bit by me above raises an important question; are any of the teams allowed to change any of the one-design parts?
  12. Or you could've gotten YouTube Premium.
  13. But this doesn't make any sense! Who in their right mind would deploy untested, unproven software to a Production environment on race day?! This simply doesn't compute, no matter what Ben says. Nope, there's more going on here than software, canting arm mechanisms and batteries.
  14. ETNZ has 2 matches against INEOS tomorrow. Whilst I don't support the Brits, I feel horribly for them for what happened today. Let's hope that they sort out their gremlins and are fighting fit tomorrow.
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