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  1. R.T, Below is a list of classic A’s from most competitive at the National/International level to least. I’ve excluded “one-off’s. I’m not an expert by any means and my view is probably biased a bit towards lighter conditions: 1. Nikita 2. Exploder C board boat 3. DNA C board boat 4. Marstrom M5 5. Flyer/Flyer II fitted with quality C-boards 6. Nacra A3 7. Marstrom straight board boat 8. Flyer with straight boards 9. Boyer Mk. IV and Mk. V Not discussed above is the rig…older carbon rigs with big head square top sails can do well in less th
  2. Any more details as to why it was dropped? I would think there were enough logs from close boats to make a clear case. Also, for reference, there generally isn’t any penalty for going to the room and having a protest like this dismissed, and at least having cause documented. Well, the penalty is the time suck on the one protesting. I do think the rules should be clear with specific penalties, but even then sailing is a self-policing sport. It is up to the sailors to report infractions through protests, not the OA to police the race!
  3. Agreed, that is sketchy, even the Bloc Island Ferry was pushing out security reports for safety.
  4. Zuul’s AIS dropped once out of the bay, confirmed by others above and noticeable to us. Certainly could be unintentional or a malfunction, but the correct response, once you know you have an issue is to broadcast a securite with your position.
  5. Understood, if time wasn't also $!!
  6. Snowden, You are correct on the P&S cal tables, and I think the NGT-1 talking to the displays is possible. I haven't spent enough time with it to sort that out. To your point, I am sure a better calibration can be achieved in this manner than what we have now, however, it's always a bit frustrating. I raced on a boat for a season that had a custom N2K instrument package driven by Expedition, and we could never really trust the speedo, and were always pondering if we were in adverse current or not! Compared with a Raymarine setup (lower $, worse sensors, screens etc.) I found the Ray
  7. Certainly, if you have time and are good with algorithm development. It would help if you had the wind tunnel data from the WS310 series anemometer, and preferably water tunnel data for whichever speedo you are using. Yes I'm a nerd and can do both of those tests, and write the algorithms, and write software code for a Rasberry pay, but at rates starting at $200/hr JUST for tunnel time, and typically $150/hr to do the data reduction, you better be serious about this effort...otherwise, just buy an H5000!!
  8. Thank you! That has been my experience thus far, to do proper calibrations in Expediton is a minefield, as you are basically running your own moving average algorithm on the data set in real time to try and "numb" the sensors so you aren't seeing every wave-induced pressure change. I presume that the H5000 has a moving average filter built-in that has been calibrated in the tunnel.
  9. Awlgrip 545 is also recommended, it is very similar to Interprotect 2000e. There is a substantial amount of VOC's in these products in order to get them thinned for spraying, and for them to flow properly regardless of how they are applied. You should let cure a minimum of 48hrs, longer in colder temperatures, due to shrink rate, IF you are looking for a good bottom.
  10. Proper calibrations. The Triton2 setup requires individual calibrations per screen for every instrument on the boat and these get lost over the winter. You cannot drive calibrations into Triton2 screens easily from Expedition. Finally, only the H5000 Hercules package enables the instruments to store calibration offsets for each tack, which is important on this boat as the speedo is off-centerline. This is all critical where we sail and for the racing we are doing, as without proper speed calibrations, current readouts are not readily available to the navigator or tactician. These things matter
  11. All, Apologies if this has been asked here before, and I have searched high and low and cannot find an answer... The boat I navigate on has a full Trtion2 package, great, but the calibrations leave something to be desired. We are considering the upgrade path to H5000, and the big question I cannot find an answer to is if the H5000 Graphic Display is required for the H5000 processor to be "happy"? The local installers say yes and I can't find a single wiring diagram on the B&G site that shows a H5000 WITHOUT a Graphic Display, but something in my gut says its not needed! Curr
  12. FC, My 2 cents on the matter, if North are doing a sail optimization program for the J/99 and you can spring for a set of 3Di’s, I would absolutely 100% go that route. Doyle has matching technology, Q does not and their paneled sail build quality is hit or miss. I will know shortly how their Fusion sail build quality is. Please note I am picky, most of my small boat sails come from boutique lofts where the sail is built right, and I can do my own in-house sewing as well, so know what is good and what is bad. The service from Q is good. Where Q do tend to really shine are with the
  13. Wonderful to see her back afloat and looking like new from the outside!
  14. Which specific boat? I've found the Nacra mainsail hook sucks, you have to keep pressure on the halyard to lock the hook itself in the right position. If worn, or the ring that the halyard passes through is undersized due to manufacturing tolerance, the sail won't hook. Boats with fixed hooks are much easier to get a lock, a little bit trickier to unlock but usually not a problem if the hook has enough clearance to the halyard! On the A, I rig a 3mm bungee to pull the ring on the sail forward, usually works, but the ring must not be allowed to move left or right, as the hook moves the rin
  15. Exactly, balance changes. That is why modern F18’s implemented daggerboard sliders.
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