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  1. Just found this extended thread.  So what is Sopot, and where are these Z10's floating around for sale?  I have sore need of them, asap, even though an A-cat with move-forward-able trunks is looking scarce.

    I am TRYING to sail the darm thing as is. 

    1. F18 Sailor

      F18 Sailor

      Sopot is the location for A Cat worlds this summer. I can talk to Martin and see if we can get some used boards and rudder hardware in the U.S container back from worlds.

    2. dacarls


      If you please.  I live in Florida, far from where breakthroughs are emerging. Now- Hangbacks we have lots of. 

      I should be happy to avail myself/acquire a pair of these Zs, while I struggle with my Jzs placed far behind the shroud bulkhead which is too far behind front crossbar. (good A14 hull, NAs winner 2015 that won't delaminate. Moving this bulkhead up is a very expensive mod). :o:angry:

      Who is Martin?  When & where in the US will the container return?

    3. F18 Sailor

      F18 Sailor


        I sent you an email. A new pair of Z10's from Emmanuel are $1700. The biggest cost you may have is moving the trunks/installing different bearings. I'm not yet sure what Tony will end up charging me for this installation on my Flyer (ran out of time to do it myself, but had half the work done already).

      Martin is owner of catsailingnews.com, we talk regularly on all things beachcat related. No idea what the U.S container for worlds is looking like schedule wise, Bailey would know more.


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