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  1.   On 12/2/2017 at 6:26 PM, WetnWild said:

    Not a problem on A13/14 Exploders and C board DNA. Gonzalo reckons the bows won't go down on the redesigned Classic Exploder. I'll tell you first hand soon. 

    We won't be going to reaches any time soon in titles events but some still do reaches in clubland. 

    Agun/Abitch pines for the good old days. 

    What's the deal on the redesigned classic Exploder??

    Sam-- This from your post Page1, Dec3.  Were there answers? Do I need redesign??? since I am running a A14 eXploder and having no power or speed with Jz boards, Glaser DenBen sail, new bendy mast.  I guess I already have a classic.  I came in dead last against Curry (2nd overall) but Chris Cordes walked away (A2classic) in no air at Wildcat race at Lake Eustis.  So I am thinking about a return to C boards, DS sail which I do not own, and smaller fins on stock boards on this boat. (A14 used by Matt Struble 2015NAs).


    1. F18 Sailor

      F18 Sailor

      Hey Dave,

          I'm not sure what the design changes are for the C board version. Best to talk with Emmanuel on that front. The only answers from the Aussies were all in that thread.

      I suspect your boat would be fine with c boards if they fit, but I don't know where your trunks are.

      I am surprised at your speed issues, might be a rig package issue- I know no one successfully racing a foiler with big headed square top main, waaaay too much heel. I believe Bob Hodges has an A14 but his has been consistently updated, first with Z5's at 53cm and next with Z22's at 40cms.

      Will you be at Bluster on the Bay? I'll be there racing my F18 but we have most of the A cat gear with us including my Stevie Brewin DS, boomless, cut for an A15 but likely close enough for your boat if you wanted to take it for a test sail. I'd also be happy to give your boat a go after  racing one day, Mike can launch his AD3 and we can go do some tuning against that. 

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