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  1. Like most of the anti-vaxxers here, you struggle with math. Simple question - if the population is 100% vaxxed, there will still be breakthrough cases. What percentage of the cases will be vaxxed?
  2. None of those things is being "forced to take the vaccine". People make decisions and there are consequences to those decisions. None of the things above (working at a specific job, travelling, shopping) are human rights. All have alternatives (different job, travel locally instead of internationally, use a delivery service - often free). Your list has some flaws. Shops in general are not denying entry to the unvaxxed. They simply have to wear a mask. The same is not true for bars and restaurants, however, but those are a different situation. Attending bars and restaurants is, i
  3. It is generally not worth responding to opinion pieces. Like assholes..... But here you go: Polio. Next?
  4. So what is your plan to end the pandemic? The scientific community has settled on vaccines as the best way out. There isn't much debate anymore among scientists. Our ICU's in BC are full of unvaxxed covid patients tying up resources that other people need. In spite of all that, people are not actually being forced to take the vaccine. However, if they work in certain professions that require close contact with others, such as health care, they are required to have it to keep their jobs. This is not new, there are other vaccines that are required for these jobs. They can choose to
  5. How is that account on Gab.com going for you? Getting lotsa likes? It is hard to compete with catturd, but hey, when you are lower on the totem pole than a piece of cat shit, that's the way it goes.
  6. 18 months and hundreds of millions of doses. Why is that not good enough for you and the rest of the antivaxxers?
  7. There is so much wrong with this one wonders where to start. Let's avoid the time waste and leave it with the following: there are 3 unsupported statements here 1) vaxxed are most at risk from new variants 2) mRNA antibodies from current vaccines only work for a specific covid variant 3) immune systems of the unvaxxed work better than the vaxxed against new variants Please provide peer-reviewed research from reputable journals that support these statements, or STFU.
  8. I don't consider everyone on the right to be a RWNJ. But they do exist, and seem to be controlling the agenda on the right at the moment. See the thread about what happened to the Republican Party. If the RWNJ's continue to own the Republican party, there will definitely be more violence down the road if the D's win the next election IMHO. Jan. 6 was just a rehearsal. OTOH, if the R's manage to steal the next election from the D's by suppressing votes, I doubt there is much appetite for violence on the left. All that is left is for the R's to abolish term limits with a sympathetic
  9. Er, what would be wrong with doing all the above? Raise corporate profit taxes, close tax loopholes (essentially remove tax credits that enable companies like Amazon to record 0 profit), eliminate corporate subsidies, lower taxes on small business, and cut waste, redundancy and pork? Of course, you do realize that cutting waste, redundancy and pork means a huge cut to military budgets, right? Maybe start here: These things are $7.5B each, and by all reports are nearly useless. Waste?
  10. Corporations give their profits to shareholders instead of funding government, even when they are subsidized by government. Taxing the profits of rich corporations and individuals makes a lot of sense but it will be necessary to remove the myriad tax loopholes that enable them to hide profits and wealth. Taxpayers fund the education and infrastructure that makes educated and trained workers available to corporations. We should expect something in return. If you think reducing corporate taxes does anything other than increase profit, the 1980's called and they want their politic
  11. BC announced a booster program for the general population yesterday - we already had one for vulnerable individuals. I will be eligible in January and will definitely be getting it. A few weeks later I may travel to somewhere warm to get away from the stuff in my screen name.
  12. Only the truly paranoid believe that this pandemic is a political manipulation. Get some help.
  13. It shows why they need to make following other cars easier. There was no way that Lewis was going to get past Max, even with a higher speed on the straights, unless he could do it when he had a fresh tire advantage. Once the tires became more even the only hope Lewis had was that Max's tires would go off the cliff. They didn't.
  14. The Christian fundamentalists are working on it as we speak. Gilead in our time.
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