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  1. I spent a couple of years working in Zurich. This will be a great experience - I spent quite a few weekends just driving around looking for cool alpine roads. One memorable one was driving in the high alpine between snow walls 10' high with all-season tires on after passing at least 5 signs saying winter tires only. If I had had a problem the Swiss would not have been kind.
  2. I'm pretty close to El M on this. Until the pandemic, I only watched F1 on TV, nothing else. After the pandemic hit, on the cold winter nights we watched Game of Thrones, then later The Expanse, and The Mandalorian (waste of time). Driving, the radio is always on CBC. If I get bored with that, I have a Yes - Close to the Edge CD in the car and a Kansas CD, and lots of hard rock on my phone.
  3. If I can tap the brain trust on one more problem, running this engine in forward gear produces a loud whine, most noticeable in the cockpit but also in the machinery space. The whine does not happen in reverse at any rpm. Below are two videos, one from the cockpit and one showing the prop shaft. In the cockpit video I first throttle up in forward, and the whine gets quite loud over 2K rpm. Then I put it in reverse to show the difference. In the machinery space video, the engine is turning about 2K rpm. I tried a stethoscope on the transmission and the whine did not seem to be co
  4. My wife is in health care and has already had a Pfizer as she is helping with vaccinating people. My father (95) didn't trust the system either, and used his WWII service in the US Army to travel across the border twice to get vaccinated at the VA hospital in Seattle. They then travelled to Florida where his wife was vaccinated. Yeah, the border is not really closed. I've now registered twice in the new government on-line system just for fun - the software is brain dead and does not detect if you are registering multiple times. Who writes this stuff? I think I might register a few
  5. Canada needs legislation to stop inter-provincial travel in emergencies. According to Premier Horgan, it is illegal to shut the borders, and we need to do something about that. People from all over the country were flying in to ski at Whistler, and we know how that turned out.
  6. Agreed. Failing to implement timely lockdowns, failing to stop non-essential travel, and failing to properly secure the borders was our downfall. We constantly compared ourselves to an even worse situation across the border in the US, and there was much public pressure to emulate the inaction on the virus there, because all those deaths are just numbers until someone in your family dies from the virus. Now we are paying the price.
  7. ICYMI I corrected my post to include the impact on the health care system. Cumulative deaths/million rounded to nearest hundred: UK: 1900 US: 1700 Brazil: 1700 Not much difference between them. As you pointed out there are other complicating factors (population density, how much people travel around in the country, whether large indoor social gatherings are happening etc.) that determine how rapidly a virus spreads. The US and UK would have been much worse off if they hadn't implemented lockdowns. Lockdowns work, and are the last resort strategy of choice
  8. Astounding ignorance here. The whole idea of suppressing transmission (glad to hear you agree it worked) was to buy time to develop a vaccine and to avoid overwhelming health care systems. As caring humans, we try to save the lives of those who are sick, and if there is a chance to prevent death and preserve useful life, we do what we can. How do I explain those who did something and did worse than Brazil? You are lumping in some small countries with the 15 that did worse than Brazil. I'm looking at the UK, the USA, and Italy which are the only large countries that did worse than Braz
  9. Thanks! Sadly, this one is a 2.62:1, we need a 2.21:1. Here is an EBay one with the strange "removed by Yanmar at factory" statement. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yanmar-KM2P-1-Kanzaki-Marine-Transmission-2-21-1-Ratio-Mechanical-Boat-Inboard-/292433313508?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c1#viTabs_0 That one is in Everett, just across the not-really-closed border.
  10. Talk about not reading. Here it is again: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.03.24.21254046v1.full TL;DR - young people are at risk of severe illness and death from the variants. Your thesis that we should have just let the virus run its course and let the "old people" (that you clearly hate so much - don't forget you will be one soon) die turns out to be bullshit. Had we done so, the variants would have appeared sooner, before we had a vaccine to limit the damage they cause. Then a lot of young people would have died, because hospitals would have been already overwhel
  11. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.03.24.21254046v1.full
  12. The question is, does she believe the lies she tells (ignorant), or does she knowingly lie and set aside that knowledge for the purpose of financial compensation (prostitute). She and Donald Trump deserve each other.
  13. Someone needs to rename one of their socks "Matt Gaetz" stat.
  14. SMH. Do you actually read what you write? You are talking about countries that did not take appropriate actions against the pandemic, so of course they have higher death tolls than Brazil. You just proved my point, unless you can find a number of countries that took timely, appropriate against the pandemic and still had a death toll as high as Brazil. Of the 30 largest countries in the world by population, only the UK, USA and Italy have death rates higher than Brazil.
  15. Thanks. Any hints on where a rebuilt one can be found? Being a sailboat, the only time it is truly in trouble is if the engine quits and there is no wind, or it is blowing so hard that sailing isn't possible - we should be tied to the dock in those conditions. Around here we have some narrows with significant current. That's where we would get into trouble with a transmission failure, not the middle of Juan de Fuca, freighters aside. On the used market, I have given up and stopped following things like Sailboat Swap Shop on FB. The prices people are trying to charge for junk strippe
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