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  1. With a cruise up to Fiji in 19 we had between 3000 and 4000 hours aboard, but 20 is least amount of time I've been on a boat for the last 35 years. But I was home alone last sat sooooo. Not much wind and I was out to run the motor so I was lazy with the sail area...slipped along though.
  2. I've been running a rocna since 2009, it's at the small end of the size range for our boat. If it doesn't set then there's something wrong with the seabed, sandstone patch maybe... or something on the tip. One time it was a big plastic bag, another was a tree bough. Apart from that it does everything needed to a high standard, it's never let us down and we've had some feral moments with boats letting go all around us including ex TCS we get here in summer and all the normal stuff you expect.. The last time was last year in the Southern Lau Fiji when a system went through. We were in nothi
  3. We came across a pod of Orca attacking a humpback and calf last year in the southern Lau group, Fiji. We diverted a bit to see ,thinking it was bubble net fishing or the like. Pretty horrific when we saw what was actually happening. Heard the screams.
  4. Looks like Guys at the end of Motuihe Island.
  5. Ah.downgraded the image a bit... A mate just gave me this last week. Justin on Lolalei. Taken in 19 in the Southern Lau, Yangasa. Very cool spot, you really have to creep in around the bommies but once in its nice. Fulaga in the background.
  6. The recent drone shot in the southern Lau group gifted me wont upload for some reason. This is a cool spot though, Duff reef in the northern Lau. Big lagoon full of bommies, big sand cay/islet and one palm in one corner.
  7. Yep, and that's what I mean about working out why someone might take a position, not necessarily one you agree with but one that has value. We don't carry a parachute, but then we do carry iridium go and predictwind, and have a boat that will do 180 miles to Taliesins 110 ,so we have a better probability of storm avoidance in the year 2020 compared to perhaps 1970 or 90. But the point that is made, that the strength of a hull is focused around the bow quarter is worth considering and maybe using in another way. As an example.
  8. Nice to see our chariot pop up here. That was about Jan 19, in June we went to Fiji for 4 months. Designed by LD as a Fast cruiser in 1973, built through 74 and launched 75. Just under 6.5 days Navula pass Fiji to the ninepin in the Bay of Islands ,NZ. Thats a good prompt passage for an old boat, the breeze was 40 to 60 apparent for 5 of those days. So she's still a fast cruiser. Built by the same guys who later built Tauranga too. Donald brothers of Tauranga, the town.
  9. Yes, out there doing it since the late 60s. ' people worthy of respect invariably have strong opinions'. I can't remember where I learned, read or was told that but I apply it. It doesn't mean you have to agree with everything they say or do, but it's certainly worth working out why they take their position. So I have great respect for what Larry achieved in his very full life. Re yaahting, I still have the copy from whenever it was published in 1980something..., what a crack up. But I have second copy Lin gave us 5 or 10 years ago, she'd been recently given a box of them by t
  10. Since Willin and Jake are here... Another of the drone shots at south minerva ( I put one up in the not sailing thread recently) And the other is Fulaga in the Southern Lau, Fiji. Minerva is just a great place to arrive after 5 days at sea for us, quite an unusual feeling anchored in the calm behind just the reef, might be 2 or 4 metre sea state outside. Been there in that, but not this day. Fulaga is just the crown jewel.
  11. Friend with drone. South Minerva reef last year, one of my favourite places.
  12. 'don't like this'. I've said that myself a few times, watching that just sparked up the last time I said it in fact. That particular time was getting knocked down at anchor by a squall last year in the Lau group. Thanks for the memory , I think. I hope there wasn't damage.
  13. No you don't. You can go to Opua, Marsden cove or Auckland. And that's without considering all the other Ports further south.
  14. It's nothing like Lionheart, no connection at all. Not even similarity. Lionheart drove ashore in a gale at night due to navigational error and was wrecked . This boat is at sea. Sail world need a kick up the arse for shit reporting. Wankers. They haven't named the yacht, they've been caught in a deep low that formed up of Queensland a few days ago and to my mind , tracked pretty rapidly across the Tasman to arrive here in the Bay of Islands yesterday morning. They were in trouble by midday, not far offshore. We arrived in from Fiji on Thursday night ourselves. What were they doin
  15. Dammit, it's just not right. But I suppose it means you're back in the market for something else, something to take you to Fiji say, where it's warm and your bones don't hurt. Much.
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