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  1. What are you talking about? A new ranger is 44" between wheels standard pallet is 42" wide. 48" is standard only for certain things. It is also 48" wide above the wheels. So I can fit 4x8 sheets in the bed just fine. Only stick out about a foot past the tailgate.
  2. At the moment yes. Used vehicle prices are up 30-50% over 2019 prices Ie in 2020 I was offered 8 grand for my jeep renegade. In 2021 I was offered 11 grand for the same vehicle. Yhat is how screwed up the markets are.
  3. At Thanksgiving? Anywhere other than Cali or Florida and it's to cold.
  4. Ask parents current favorite topic. And get color books and large pieces of paper Tape large paper to kids table and let the kids decorate their table. Thier way. Bonus helps with clean up. Sure physical toys are nice but for just a weekend gathering. They will probably bring their own. So let the kids help in other ways. Current parent of two toddlers and picked up trucks from years of my sister having to deal with six kids at Thanksgiving.
  5. The American a-10 thunderbolt. The last plane rolled off the assembly line in 1984. Every plane kicking ass since then is an airframe that's 30-40 years old with the majority of them sitting in a desert waiting for their turn to be either scrapped for parts for other planes or rebuilt and reflown in active combat. 2 years isn't not anything to worry about.
  6. Says the guy talking on a phone in a home center. He already made a dumb choice. How much stupider can he go.
  7. She is a small b cup and sports bras do her no favors.
  8. At first I thought it was this. Alligator in Massachusetts A reptile show at least makes sense.
  9. Spraying for mosquito every three weeks. Use controller for he's and they seem semi effective but I use them to make a circle around me so whenever the wind changed directions the smoke blows back over the protected area. However on very still nights they are bad. The torches also tend to be smokey. Usually by mid summer my backyard is dry. I still have patches of standing water I cant get drained fast enough. The only advantage of this much rain is that it keeps the mice from digging along the foundation and getting in. They drown after a few inches.
  10. It is a legal requirement. No speedometer can legally read fastwr you are going. To be safe for people who change tire sizes etc most read 3-6mph under at 65 mph. Hence why you never tell the cop how fast you think you were going but let him throw out a number first. As he will use the higher number. Cruise control is setup the same way. And depending on model has a 3-5 mph drift. (Depends on how fast your car accelerates
  11. Same thing that is going on in used car market and rv market. Demand is out stripping supply. I just traded in a 4 year old jeep renegade with 100k miles on it and a major accident in it's history for $4k more than I should have and got $11k for it. I hunted for months for the right replacement.vehicle and when one was available I snatched it up. Cars are being sold before they even hit the lot. Boats and RVs have lot life of hours or sometimes a week and at gone.
  12. I am basically the same. I put fresh oil in as needed and make sure to run them while warm occasionally I start my snowblower in Oct and November on warm days it works out all the crap and then is statrs just fine on that first first bitten bitch of a snow day. Every 5 years check the plug and change the oils.
  13. Who the f puts 2x4 for roof rafters. How do they handle the hail and snow loads let alone the span
  14. I have seen a few of these at rv parks "campgrounds". Some one is usually selling theirs at the campground sites. Most campgrounds have rules regarding and inspecting such carts annually.
  15. Know a teacher who retired at 57. He started a farm stand selling stuff he grew in the summer. Sometimes buying things like corn and marking it up to be more business. Every summer from July to September that farm stand would take in 5-10k in profit. He would set aside money for supplies in the spring(seeds etc) and the rest paid is dock fees, hauling fees and a new sail every couple of years. In the winter he taught skiing. He did both of that for a decade. Old age is creeping up on him and he doesn't sail quite so often but still races and that farm stand well it still is going strong
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