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  1. Last year auto companies stopped production and canceled orders for parts. When sales didn't fall as far as they thought they got caught flat footed. When they went to order new parts for the ones they canceled they found out they were part of a two year cycle and got bumped to the bottom of the list for canceling orders. Suddenly worldwide chip shortage. And car shortage. All because the bean counters didn't want to have the parts on hand. Toyota is making cars because whole they love just in time delivery of parts they contractually force companies to keep a 6 month inve
  2. Rule number one. Never pay for your return via refund. That is how they get you. Always pay for it separately. On a credit card that you can dispute charges on (not a debit card). That way you can always go back on them. Everyone who had issues getting stimulus money? They filed and paid for their filing via refunds.
  3. Depends on how often you have dined with cannibals.
  4. How many adults males can relate to apple pie scene in American pie. Humans aren't all that different.
  5. Your doc needs to read it again. The document is a bit fuzzy. I know NY, Mass and NH are saying as long as you don't have active symptoms and are "generally healthy" go get the vaccine. NH explicitly told me 7 days after my wife tested positive and 3 days after I tested negative to get the vaccine if I could and breaking quartine to do so was acceptable. I had access to a rapid test that I took 3 hours prior to leaving for the vaccine to be doubly sure. That said I was vaccinated in the 1B group back in Feb even though I spent all of Feb in quartine as my wife and then my 6
  6. You store wine horiztally to keep me cork moist and thus from drying out. If you are drinking the wine in 6- 12 months it doesn't matter. Sparkling wine is stored vertically for carbonation. Temperature is more important. Cool dark places are best for wine storage. All that said my wine is mostly stored horiztal for space and sorting reasons. (I can more easily see what is around) but mine ist stored in my kitchen out of direct light and generally temp stable. If warmer than recommended.
  7. What gets me is why they haven't reversed it. I had a company deposit 2 weeks of pay into my account after my contract time had ended. They realized the mistake the next day and simple had the banks reverse the money back out. The banks never contacted me they just did it. That is why bank transfers take 3-5 days. That is the window to undo transactions.
  8. Well one to two weeks after egypt holding the ship for damages the owners still hadn't heard about egypt's demands until after a reporter brought it to them. You have so many points of conflict to go through. The owners are different than operators, which are different from country of registration. Hence the leverage.
  9. While true some forms are a pain to fill out without special pdf software. Often you can hand fill it out. For my taxes though I do the opposite. I am scanning in all the hard copies to e-file. I have 20+ years of tax data stored that way. Encrypted and stored redundantly. Taxes up a tiny amount of space instead of giant folders full of paper
  10. I proposely spent the money for a canon laser printer/scanner when my wife was working from home. We are a couple of thousand of pages a year later and no replacement toner needed yet. Ink jets are cheap you buy a new printer instead of the ink. Figure to replace it annually. A laser at twice the price will last you 5 times as long as you don't need color.
  11. Tell your boss all his emails are being marked as spam and deleted. Problem will get fixed right away. Small office cpa? Try telling boss that office 365 upgrade will save them money over their current IT hosted solution. Find actual it costs per month and I would bet money, office 365 would save money. Over the course of a year Bonus you gt rid of unresponsive it group. Microsoft hosted domains get off the black lists easier. Then convince marketing peoplethat mail chimp has better features for newsletters including unsubscribe buttons which means it doesn't ge
  12. You used a computer to enter that post. How would you feel if that computer suddenly had $100,000 worth of licensing fees tacked onto it? That is the world oracle lives in. It is how they do business. Completely anticonsumer. But businesses gladly pay up over and over again.
  13. Did you hear that it is back on? The new owners of SCO resued IBM last week. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/04/xinuos-finishes-picking-up-scos-mantle-by-suing-red-hat-and-ibm/ A lot of people thought it was a joke based on timing but nope it's legit. Hopefully this ruling finally shuts them down again.
  14. The issue is probably your remote users. You are using a nas though a personal one vs a local one. Remote users will be limited by their bandwidth and your bandwidth. Use google cloud drive or microsoft one drive. The limitation then becomes the local person's bandwidth. A nas is a private server it is just dedicated to files. A good one could help but look at your internet speeds at all locations. If one or more of the remote users are on slow internet that is a bigger factor.
  15. Don't watch much movies and the occasional series to many get repativie or try to cling to their demigraphic and I have to skip those parts. Gave up cable years ago only watch live tv for american football season. Wife is a huge american football fan. At least until she had kids now she is a partial football fan. We stream those mostly. ( Technically we have cable as the cable internet company never disconnected us but we don't pay for it not watch it) Watching live tv is painful. The ads suck hard.
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