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  1. As Goldfinger once related to me...... "You can't take your friends out on a mutual fund"
  2. J22, Martin 242, J27, C&C 27 mkV, Lots around the GTA. Or even this......an Etchells. Don't laugh, we had 3 at one time, all owned by members in their 70s, back in the 80's/90's at our club. They had a hoot daysailing them singlehanded
  3. Yikes, going to be a long night. Thanks re sunset. Hopefully JLC can keep him in sight / close to him while Boris heads that way!
  4. As stated above, JLC is super capable to pull off a rescue of this nature, proven man in a proven boat. And with southern hemisphere summer, they should still have a few hours daylight right now too I believe. Fingers crossed all is going well!
  5. I honestly think the biggest shoe up their ass about it is worrying that a 40' double handed yacht corrects out ahead of a 100 footer. Which would then eventually open the door to, gasp, solo sailors, and then the French would would come........ I'm all for DH or SH sailors being able to race for the Tattersalls Cup. it would add a great feel to us armchair sailors watching it and pulling for the DH win against the big boys! Love it!
  6. Hey I looked at some of those Melges out west too, but didn't really want to do a Cannonball Run sort of road trip in the midst of COVID. In late May I almost went to Blackstrap Lake in Saskatchewan to grab a J22 as well, but didn't for the same reason. In July.....a J22 in Olcott NY came across my radar too, but it sold to.......Sail Park City! Small world. Patience paid off - it was nice to find this little gem only 25 km from home. Enjoy the Melges!
  7. Bedford are you living in Spain now? I'm sure you'll make that into a sweet ride!!!
  8. Bedford that’s so awesome! What kind of boat is that? Didnt even notice the weed!
  9. Regret for the thread drift..... Ugggh Our big boat has been called Pearl, since 1974. My SA handle has been Pearl Necklace, since 2004...... New boat is Fast Lane Fever.....that’s all Cheers
  10. Sorry, meant to link to their website too..... https://www.m242fleetone.org/ Cheers, PN
  11. We are so excited to share that we just purchased a new to us 1983 Martin 242 to keep at our local yacht club, while "the necklace" resides in the 1000 Islands almost full time now. We had done a ton of looking around at everything from a J22 (lots in USA but tough to get into Canada right now), to a J80 (prices still a bit high for us), to a Henderson 30 or a Farr 30 so we could still distance race (too much work for what we want right now). Anyways, we found "Fast Lane Fever" in Toronto late last week, and in the space of 48 hours, had the deal done, boat emptied out, trailer serviced
  12. Great boat! Enjoy the end of the season!
  13. I do remember all the 30’s they built, but sadly never seen any their moulds in forever! Which one is yours?
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