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  1. 12, just saw the ad and thought the same thing when I saw the name. Remembered reading an article way back when about how DC bought an old Choate and totally optimized it for PHRF racing
  2. Bummer all around. Nice C&C 35 mk 3, one of the ones built for the Labatts Series Cup in the mid-80s, hence the blue stripe.
  3. If you mean the "Round The County", yes I believe it is. I've always wanted to do it, never been able to line it up in the schedule though.
  4. Was that the one out of Loyalist Cove? IIRC that was the only one I ever race as well,
  5. This just in on Kijiji. First $2,000 get it. C&C mega 30 for sale | Sailboats | Gatineau | Kijiji
  6. Sorry about that - my second comment was off the cuff and maybe a little too quick. It was an opinion I had way back then....shouldn't have said it. Apologies. They were a real departure from what C&C had been building. Not many made, and they were quick in the light stiff. I believe they had a lifting keel with a bit of a bulb on the bottom. SailboatData.com - MEGA 30 OD (C&C) Sailboat Here's the link for the design, again, sorry about the "crappy" comment.
  7. Crappiest boat they ever made, back in the 1980's. Not many of them. Light air flyer, but ugly as sin
  8. .......with a prod added
  9. Catalina 275 Sportsail. I think
  10. As Goldfinger once related to me...... "You can't take your friends out on a mutual fund"
  11. J22, Martin 242, J27, C&C 27 mkV, Lots around the GTA. Or even this......an Etchells. Don't laugh, we had 3 at one time, all owned by members in their 70s, back in the 80's/90's at our club. They had a hoot daysailing them singlehanded
  12. Yikes, going to be a long night. Thanks re sunset. Hopefully JLC can keep him in sight / close to him while Boris heads that way!
  13. As stated above, JLC is super capable to pull off a rescue of this nature, proven man in a proven boat. And with southern hemisphere summer, they should still have a few hours daylight right now too I believe. Fingers crossed all is going well!
  14. I honestly think the biggest shoe up their ass about it is worrying that a 40' double handed yacht corrects out ahead of a 100 footer. Which would then eventually open the door to, gasp, solo sailors, and then the French would would come........ I'm all for DH or SH sailors being able to race for the Tattersalls Cup. it would add a great feel to us armchair sailors watching it and pulling for the DH win against the big boys! Love it!
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