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  1. The picture above is pretty clear on the lead. It's not a J105 which I know. The bail stainless steel bail on the end of the sprit is much larger with no constraints on line diameter.
  2. You should be able to "tack" down the sail with the tackline ended in and around the cockpit. As mentioned above JBoat has a good schematic of the deck layout. We do not run a additional block off the bail at the end of the sprit. Something extra that can break and the proper line holds the load just fine.
  3. I like the 2s idea. Models have condensed but the inside models seem to call a longer race. Makes it an easy armchair decision. Will you be in the suck of death or barrelling along with your long term strategy, that shows over time wins races.
  4. Underpowered? In light breeze sure but with all the above issues with the backstay seems like an unnecessary addition. Big penalty too.
  5. First off why is he wearing a Tiger's hat? That pisses me off because I am from Detroit! Then after the years go by and they ask Modine about the movie thinking that he thought it was challenging, fun, something different, amazing...NO>>> this guy say's it was awful and doesn't even like sailing. It was the same with Costner. He should stick with the cowboy role which he is better at than the seasoned sailor. He had to have someone down in the campionway hidden while they were filming because he couldn't talk and do both... But, as someone wrote, it's a story/ movie....
  6. They moved the island this year so it is a different race.
  7. Get the shot and move on.
  8. Buy the shit and move on.
  9. We have had 3 stanchion bases/arms break. The tack weld is completely separated from the base. They lasted 22 years.
  10. They are notorious for leaking and needing replacement.
  11. Give people time. There will be an overall decrease in participation for the Race to Mackinac 2021. Whether you missed it or always race it in the coming years new AIS requirements really start puttin the burden on boat ownership and safety gear. Gets a bit much but it all adds up...for safety! :)
  12. it's hard to watch now since all you get is him....steering.
  13. PM. I will be living in Half Moon Bay. The timing could work. LMK Lic Cap't 100 GT
  14. Sort of not sure why he hasn't dropped you out. He has nothing and no content. Makes my life look pretty damn adventurous.
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