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  1. The next AC will be in Auckland Have you guys never been involved in negotiations before?
  2. This is really interesting and I can see your argument. If this outcome were to happen, that hip pocket challenges were deemed not defendable - how would courts rule when there were multiple challenges that all met requirements? It seems that the hip pocket challenge is the most logical way to establish the first to the gate.
  3. This may be a factor but i think it's small. It may be one part of it - but if it were this romantic notion, we'd excel everywhere - and we don't . Specifically a measure that is easily comparable to others is our corporate performance and productivity, our obesity measures - these are sub-par at best. Belief only gets one so far - one has to execute, which means a structured way of behaving, a way of renewing. This is where multiple ingredients, built up over time, have led to ETNZ being so successful.
  4. I completely agree with this, as gains become more marginal, New Zealand will not be able to compete. Where the team ethos has served them so well is in their ability to explore corners of the box. Once all those dark corners have been explored - bigger and richer organisations will ultimately win.
  5. This is a good question and difficult to answer as one always looks through the lens of perception of ones own cultural position. I think there are a number of ingredients - I'll try not to be a one eyed kiwi. 1. When the team formed under Blake - it had an identity. That identity of no egos, where everyone's ideas were valid, and there were no sacred cows, and a single focus on making the boat go faster, has never left the team. 2. Our isolation has been a benefit. There is a genuine belief inherent in many (not all) New Zealander's that they can solve problems and knu
  6. From all the sites im reviewing, and from this high vantage point on the north shore overlooking the racecourse, I reckon it’s Friday until we see racing
  7. There is a lot of dull cloud cover and I don’t see it filing in much.... but I am frequently wrong....
  8. Completely agree. As a sailing team LRPP are very easy to like: Jimmy has been an absolute model competitor and his love of the contest and battle shines through. They are worthy contenders.
  9. It's starting to rain heavily 2 km from the course - but the wind really has filled in. It looks as though it may hold too.
  10. It's very very light here now - just drove over the bridge - humidity high, cloud cover - does not make much likely - it depends, just as ONTOIT says above, if the south westerly builds into anything later. It looks very very light out there to me - my guess, and I'm wrong more than right , is no racing today
  11. I too am not a fan of nationalism - but in this case those 4 men are a product of a system and that system is a national one. In the same way you can't deny that America put a man on the moon, or Brazil won the world cup 5 times, those guys that have done that have been a product of a national system. It's not a coincidence.
  12. What can ETNZ pull out of the hat. This situation is seriously bad. With the boat config locked in - is there anything that can be done, anything held in reserve? mode?
  13. They caned us in the light. They outsailed us and we don't have a faster boat. The weather forecast is like this for the next 4 days. This is a seriously bad position to be in
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