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  1. Only one, the FE28 I raced on where the spin pole wouldn't retract or deploy for shit, the blocks pulled through the deck and the rudder bends under load. That one.
  2. They sure soft glove their response As RS Sailing has continued to grow during recent years, we have structured our dealer network in such a way as to ensure that we can effectively manage this increased demand. Following the adoption of a new distribution structure in 2020, we had hoped that Italy-based Boat Tech S.r.l would remain a key part of our European network. Sadly, Boat Tech S.r.l. did not wish to enter into a new dealer agreement when this was offered to them and, it is with regret that we can confirm that they have consequently started legal proceedings against RS Sailing
  3. Anyone accidentally click on the little linky named "rules" above. They're hilariously Scooter: I give up, This forum is for all aholes who cannot keep their little opines to themselves. Do not report any posts in this forum, I am tired of recieving them. If you don't want to be attacked, Do not post here. As long as you do not post users real names, have fun
  4. I only have one statement in regards to the thread title: good.
  5. Pretty sure he can kiss his lily white ass goodbye next election, but boy o boy we'd trade our (mentally) handicapped Texas Greg Abbott for Gubinator Asa any day of the week, bronco. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson On Transgender Health Care Bill: 'Step Way Too Far' https://www.npr.org/2021/04/06/984884294/arkansas-gov-asa-hutchinson-on-transgender-health-care-bill-step-way-too-far
  6. Hell in Oregon it's been illegal to shove a gas nozzle into your own tank hole for 50 years. The only 1 of 50 states. Tree huggers claim it save the environment. Labor claim it saves job (gas attendant?). I say it's gubiment run amuck!
  7. Just as they accused the USS Liberty of being a spy ship and strafed it wantonly, they're doing the same 50 years later. How long with the International Community allow this breach of Open Seas protocol? https://www.wsj.com/articles/ship-believed-to-be-spying-for-iran-is-attacked-in-red-sea-11617750382
  8. I take my bet back. Pizza Gaetz will not resign. He will be forcefully removed from his parent's basement by US Marshals and escorted to his holding cell where he will meet his new shower mate.
  9. As perhaps the most innovative company in sailing since Harken, it's disconcerting to see RS Sailing being sued over business practices. Any EU anarchists with inside scoop? Simply bad blood from existing distributor or ruthless corporate behavior? From the mythical FP: Boat Tech S.r.l. has decided to take legal action against the company H. Taylor and Sons (Brockley) LTD, trading as RS Sailing (hereinafter also RS), citing the unlawful violation of the existing distribution contract that RS has terminated since February 2021. Boat Tech has been distributing boats with the RS Sail
  10. Diversity? O. I thought this was a controversial political thread on PA. Never mind. Back to normally scheduled programming.
  11. Wanna bet you won't resign Pizza Gaetz? https://www.newsandguts.com/link/ap-gaetz-says-he-wont-resign-over-false-sex-allegations/?fbclid=IwAR0_8hk3UnHndWEzoRYRHva1cInBwEsCfpTmDHmmPzY9ngBtAJ9Z1-5QnlM
  12. You owe me and my spouse a life-time supply of ED meds for forcing me to look at my former teen-boy-alone-in-his-bedroom lust....awful...just awful
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