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  1. Got hum on my J22 rudder at low speeds. I called it "Low Speed Rumble Syndrome". Boat dude said sand one side of the trailing edge just 1-2 cm to make it slightly asym. Apparently the cavitation off a perfect symmetrical trailing edge sets up a battle royale between port and starboard water flows over the foil.
  2. Sold mine for what I paid for it. Awesome design and build by Farr. Midway between a Laser and Finn. Reasonably comfy for dinghy. My issue was me, not the boat. I'm just to old and slow for all the kinetics it takes to make it move. Very rewarding for little bit of body pumping. Won the two races in a row on handicap and then Covid hit. I got fatter older and knee surgery spelled end to it for me. New owners even older.
  3. Haha and how! We used to cruise my dead buddies powerboat around Hippie Hollow in the 80s. All nice big breasts blazing in the sun. Then in the 90s it turned queer and nothing but swinging dicks admiring and groping one another. Now, hell I don't know. Haven't been to Travis in couple years. One thing different between then and now...the beavers are all shaved and smooth skinned.... bwaaaaaaa!
  4. Who knew swimming in Lake Travis was so dangerous? I would have thought getting run over by some shitty rich plebe from UT on a rented Seadoo would pose the biggest risk.
  5. Yes, it's small, it's slow, it's ugly to most. But the Globe 5.8 is gonna revolutionize ocean racing for the peasants and commoners of the world who lack big dollar sponsors and glory. https://www.facebook.com/classglobe580/
  6. Dude. Do what I did. Sell it. Cheap. Full disclosure. Move on. Must be a bagillion better boats to buy there in the land of the midnight sun.
  7. Wad, lighten up bro. As we age, short term memory fades while long term sharpens exponentially. In that sense we're all doomed to live in the past.
  8. I use my old U20 main on the Melges when it's piping up, but even then, two would be absolute minimum for anything over 6-8 knots. Boat is way powered up.
  9. Surely editor wouldn't flick me for posting a link to that other shitty incompetent sailing site would he?
  10. Hey fellas! We got a "newbie" and his first post here! How about we form up a welcoming line for him and run him through the routine? lol. I'll go first: Show us your GF/Wife tits first mate before we answer for me these questions three! (ps: if you personal adjective is She, Her, or Not sure, you get a pass on the first test.
  11. How does a cold and wet venue sound to you potential gee-gawkers? https://afloat.ie/port-news/cork-harbour-news/item/50749-cork-harbour-lining-up-for-2024-america-s-cup-bid
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