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  1. Maybe it was simply AM sailing in different breeze when this happened in the ACWS/Xmas ditty, but weren't they able to sail noticeably lower and faster DW than other boats on several occasions? If it wasn't the wind and indeed was the boat, where did this advantage go? Also, regarding TH's comment on the rudder being bent, then having it "straightened".........at this point, with the absolute shitload of money that was likely thrown at the boat getting it back in the water, would a new rudder break the bank? I myself have "straightened" many things - nails, screws, various suspensio
  2. Jesus Skateboarding Christ. Will you people knock off the political horseshit for at least 5 full minutes around here? And for God's sake, some of you can't resist talking about TH's TEETH??? Of all the things to nitpick.......fucking hell. Sounds like a goddamn sewing circle with a bunch of fucking whiny bitches in here. Please shut the fuck up about both topics. You're making yourselves out to be a bunch of pussies who really have nothing better to do. Truly pathetic to witness. Here are a few things we already know- 1. Trump is a sociopath. 2. Americans
  3. Funniest thing I've seen on SA in a good while. Even down to the spelling of the word "dumber" for obvious reasons. HA
  4. You forgot one item on the list: Purchase brown underwear/briefs for all crew/shore ops/chase boat personnel to be worn for the reminder of the campaign, if they are to sail again. That was a terrifying thing to watch, and I couldn't imagine being on that boat when it happened. Sack DB. Sack him now. He's fucking dangerously incompetent, and has been for a long time. Pulling shit like that unnecessary left turn gets people killed. And here I thought I was in a dangerous profession all these years.....
  5. Never a contender, but for sure a beautiful boat. Love the 12's from all eras.
  6. I thought that underbody and bustle and keel looked familiar, but that forklift in front of it blocked it a bit. Yeah- too bad about these boats being chopped, but money is money, and I guess to the last owner it was worth more in pieces to scrap. Even though this boat was a lab rat, I think it would've been cool to preserve her, but oh well. Same fate ended Advance, the Aussie dog that sailed in Newport in '83, and it looks like Liberty was "lost" in a storm in Japan long ago. Pieces of history, even though they were dogs of varying pedigrees. Edit: Mariner was "lost" off Palm Beach, FL
  7. Anybody know what boat this was before becoming the "For Sale"? Looks like a 12 and not an IACC boat...... I thought I remembered one of the Golden Gate Challenge boats being diced up, though I know at least the last boat of 2 built by GGC is still sailing. This one looks like it may have been the first of the 2(US 49), with what looks like a "conventional" wing keel as opposed to the "geek" bulb and canard rudder design of the second boat. 12M class site has whereabouts of the first boat "not known", and on the same page states "scrapped in summer 2008".......
  8. I believe Mariner was red, too. They must not have learned their lesson first time around............
  9. Does anybody know what finally happened to Liberty? Not that it matters but so much- after all, It WAS the first American boat to lose the AC, but it is a fairly important, if dubious piece of AC history. You'd think someone might have wanted it to preserve it. 12mrclass.com has it listed as being sold to an "unknown Japanese owner" back in '89. Is that code for "Dennis had it trucked over to the Budweiser facility to make beer cans out of it in return for more sponsorship $$ for the '87 effort"? Kidding, but is it weird that THAT particular boat just disappeared? Kinda the most notorious 12 e
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