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  1. IMHO, your keel 'Wings" do not matter much in the overall picture of things. It really is a function of keeping weight low for shallow draft. If the wings stick out of the keel at 90 deg angle, then the deepest they would be is at a 45 deg heel. That is not fast. In light air, we heel the Ranger 28 as much as we can and the boat takes off to windward like few other boats. Any more heel (12 deg+), has the boat going sideways rather than forward. Have fun and sail like hell. Sail safe!
  2. I have decided that it is time to look into salopettes as I would like to stay as comfortable and dry as possible. Spoke to the Team XXX rep after the Mac race and she told me that Musto makes them and they would not be available until OCT at $600 ish plus tax. I am not excited about the price. Found a pair on line and I need some input if you have an opinion. Would this MPX have Goretex without it labeled as such? I have a feeling these are 3 generations old and I might be sweating.. Useful input welcome. Sail Safe!
  3. My first race on the lake after 35 yrs of racing. I had a one day notice so, I did not have time to properly research WX or even the class. It reminded me that you never stop learning. Otherwise the Pony (and horses) were interesting. Was asked about the Trans Superior so, I might be back. Sail Safe!
  4. I understand that in South Carolina, if you have oceanfront property and it is not your full time residence, you pay 3 x the property tax rate. Sounded crazy when I first heard of it. Sail safe!
  5. If the boat has no perm backstay (due to swept back spreaders), what good would one do? By the time it tightens downwind, the rig will be gone anyway. Just say'an. Sail Safe!
  6. Maybe start at 50% - If AWA is constant, adjust car (for and aft) in order to make telltales stall - fly evenly (if minimal shear is present). Just my $.02 Sail safe!
  7. AC is deep, Barnegat Inlet is tricky (if needed, go OUTSIDE of the North jetty monument i/o the channel). Otherwise, keep rolling and anchor inside Sandy Hook. Sail Safe!
  8. Suark, If you look at BIRW - Yachtscoring, it looks as if they have the J9 rated at 120 (with no dog in the fight, that area has been known to rate boats lower than 'average'). Today will be the first race day (hopefully) for them and I hope all goes well. Sail safe!
  9. Bull City, If you are in NC and have power lines above ground, it WILL happen again. I am in Charlotte and we looked into the optional Natural gas generator - Numbers went north of $20K all in. If you have the dosh and can roll it into refinancing, it might be a sound option. Sail safe!
  10. AIS makes it much different than listening in to the noon reports on the NPT-BDA races of years gone by (Always while you are trying to sleep).. Sail Safe!
  11. Awards were yesterday and I do not see any result from the protest. Will we ever know the outcome? It was REALLY foggy for a good portion of the race. Sail safe!
  12. Are we there yet? it seems it may take longer than anticipated.. Sail Safe
  13. Anybody know the best (cheapest) way to get from BWI to Annapolis besides Woober? Conversely, does a van still run from Newport to PDV? Sail Safe!
  14. Rig - Put them up the rig like I did yesterday. She loved it and could no wait to untie the boat. Sail Safe!
  15. If the hackers can get to a pipeline, they can get to almost anything at anytime and may have already placed the bots (or whatever it is called). I think the worst is yet to come and I am generally a optimistic person.. Sail Safe!
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