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  1. Cut off the fray and DUCT TAPE. Look for another used sail to match the main. Sail Safe!
  2. I know a J80 guy who got hit -6 sec for having laminate main and jib (just because it was not (OD Dacron). I told him to just beat them on the water. Hat - Door.. Sail safe!
  3. Tylaska - Talk dirty to me.. ; ) Sail Safe!
  4. It is about time for one of those on Lake Norman. Wonder if it is for sail with an Asking price for about $1,400 ? Sail Safe!
  5. Back to the topic..
  6. Will, Sail is out of the bag already and I suggested that the PBO/MFO report it with a list of reasons as to why there should be no ding at all of the rating. If anybody has a few worthwhile ideas in support, Please advise. Thanks Usually, this is a good place for ideas/arguments.
  7. OK, Notwithstanding above: Say you go and buy a new main and jib NOT of dacron but, within class size. You get a rating that is the same as OD and someone says they may protest your rating. How do you defend the -6 sec hit you may get? The new sails are built to last more than 2x the old dacron ones and there is only so much $ in the bank. 1. Do you present your case to the committee prior to any protest (as you must declare any mods) ? 2. Do you wait for a protest and then TRY and defend your purchase/decision to buy? -------------------------------------------
  8. I would offer $45k for the girl and $5 for the boat. Yes, I know it would cost me a LOT more than that.. The Tripp design is one that is always dear to my heart. Raced a 40' in the beginning of the 90's - Loved it. Sail Safe!
  9. Remember, the Vang Trimmer may just be the most important person on the boat! Sail Safe!
  10. Do not let this item keep you from getting this boat. Downwind, you might even have both runners clipped to shrouds. YMMV Sail Safe!
  11. Maybe her and Shay ………………? oh, nevermind..
  12. This place Rocks! Just secured a Hobie Cat for the week, delivered to our rental property. will advise if it all works out. sail safe!
  13. looks like a nice Charter boat. $52K /week ? Not so much. Bet you could have a heck of a party though. Thanks for your help -
  14. Anybody have a line on a sunfish or similar to kick around on? We are looking at a place for a week this Spring Break and it is on my list of things.. Sail Safe!
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