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  1. -Update Flts are booked (happy for recent price Drop). House booked and now further research (watching Heartbreak Ridge)etc. Sail Safe!
  2. My better half is about to book a family trip over x-mas as she is ready to get away. We have direct flights at a fair cost and a Air- Bnb that seems to be far enough from the big ships (St. Patrick's / Sauteurs). Does anyone have constructive info (like places to grab a small boat and sail)? Below are not mine but, I still like the image. Sail safe!
  3. Just another thing to spend money on.. Sail safe!
  4. She looks like the one I have. Sure could use a new set of sails for it.. Sail safe!
  5. That was taken after the 4th round of Mohs surgery and made for a long day. It was fun asking a crewmember to help change the bandage daily when racing (Chi-Mac / Annapolis-NPT). Sail safe!
  6. Wear Sunscreenn AND a wide brimmed HAT.
  7. If your club did not mention in the SI's that "people who have been in close contact or have symptoms of COVID should not attend etc." then, I do not think a 69 would result in anything. Internally at your club, you could do what you want. Sail Safe!
  8. While I am not sure I will ever reach the level of skill that these guys have, it sure seems like today is 'let the owner drive day'. Sail safe!
  9. Suggestion: Ease the tack line 1/2 as much as people tell you AND get as much weight to windward and forward-ish as possible. One example is the photo of the J122 winning the ORC Worlds in Europe. Sail safe!
  10. It is easy to say "Just look up" instead of chasing the heading on the mast or compass. They did it and, I did not. It is a bucket list item. Sail Safe!
  11. Do not forget the 'Beam Of Destiny' ! Sail Safe!
  12. IMHO, your keel 'Wings" do not matter much in the overall picture of things. It really is a function of keeping weight low for shallow draft. If the wings stick out of the keel at 90 deg angle, then the deepest they would be is at a 45 deg heel. That is not fast. In light air, we heel the Ranger 28 as much as we can and the boat takes off to windward like few other boats. Any more heel (12 deg+), has the boat going sideways rather than forward. Have fun and sail like hell. Sail safe!
  13. I have decided that it is time to look into salopettes as I would like to stay as comfortable and dry as possible. Spoke to the Team XXX rep after the Mac race and she told me that Musto makes them and they would not be available until OCT at $600 ish plus tax. I am not excited about the price. Found a pair on line and I need some input if you have an opinion. Would this MPX have Goretex without it labeled as such? I have a feeling these are 3 generations old and I might be sweating.. Useful input welcome. Sail Safe!
  14. My first race on the lake after 35 yrs of racing. I had a one day notice so, I did not have time to properly research WX or even the class. It reminded me that you never stop learning. Otherwise the Pony (and horses) were interesting. Was asked about the Trans Superior so, I might be back. Sail Safe!
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