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  1. Freaky yes? I got caught out a few times in a Laser at the entrance to Boston Harbor. Ship channel narrows + tanker incoming+ swell = pray.
  2. They aren’t kidding about “rollers” in Porto. Anyone race there? Give it up!
  3. Ghislaine outs Bill during her trial (July ?) and Melinda comes out a told-you-so winner? Kickstart of pre-divorce hearings with her lawyers back in 2019 due to arrest of G Maxwell is firing 24/7 on social media. Bill getting hung out to dry on Epstein rumours before Maxwell even gets to trial. Not easy to manuever around Epstein mess while in addition to your wife suing you for divorce at same time. He’s prolly going to bunker down thru summer and hope it all blows by. Maybe.
  4. Really. Watching to see how these work out. One breeder said they’re the cats of dog breeds.
  5. https://www.sailweb.co.uk/2021/05/08/2021-porto-finn-goldcup-day-1-results/ G. Scott (20-4-20)
  6. Pidcock starts back row, drops 50+ guys in a hurry and finishes 5th. Beats MvdP straight up. All questions on CX, Road & MTB have been answered. Hellman. https://www.instagram.com/p/COqQ4jQJPp1/?igshid=1mb9pnsmndbbr
  7. Tawney got rung up by Newp Police after ramming another car in Fashion Island parking lot which cut in and took a parking spot she was lining up. Rockers go hard till they don’t. RIP
  8. LM with a bullet in first race. Well done! http://2021.finngoldcup.org/
  9. Doge. We have two in the complex now. The Shiba Inu craze hits high gear, Cool doggos. Smarty pants.
  10. Down the rabbit hole I go. https://classicyachtinfo.com/yachts/chubasco/
  11. City 1-2 Blues 29 May in Istanbul. Hell yeah. No disrepect to Kun but…..
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