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  1. “Lakers doing a slow build like Brady Bucs last season.”

    The cliche of the week and, a seriously lazy, b/s way of saying something/anything to appear relevant.   That’s easy to say for about 20 teams at the halfway point of season.  

    Here’s what I see:   without picking up a Cam Reddish and Myles Turner level talents we are treading water.

  2. Seven seconds.    Pay attention to those feeds.   Lol.


    The question will be if this qualifies as a known event. DraftKings and sportsbooks could argue that Warriors tweet establishes this as a known event. Bettors will ask if that tweet is stronger than the letter of the law — if a player is active and sees the court, bets have been graded as a result. Others will say it’s not the bettor’s fault if a sportsbook is slow to adjust a market.”

    - ActionNetwork

  3. Sitting on the bluff I see a swimmer about 400 yards offshore powering thru a tough northern current.   No spotter. Solo.   Goes past Tower 20 and I lose sight.   Get the binos and scan.   He’s not there.  ??

    Call the guards and ask if they can truck by and take a look.  They oblige and take a few passes and then leave and wave at me as they head south.

    Called HQ today to see what, if anything, came if it.   No call back.

    What would you do?   

    These days it’s rare to see open water swimming, especially in winter.   Waters about 54-56 now.   And solo, way outside the lineups.   Guy was strong as bull.

    Projecting my fears?   Doing the right thing?

  4. Cracks me up -   Russ got run out his building by best PG in world (MVP?) and he’s gotta explain what everyone just watched?   Lol.  Whatever.

    Like Vogel said - w/o Steven Adams the Grizz run your ass off all nite.  

    Grizz have away wins agst: Dubs, Suns, Jazz, Lakers and Nets.   What else they to do?


    Welcome back Klay.   



  5. Hops

    Grizz take season series 3-1.   Bye-bye the 4 seed.

    Outside of LBJ, starters shoot 8-39.   That wont get it done.   Decent comeback with Reaves, Ellington & THT leading the charge from wayback land (down 29).

    League is so tilted out of whack with Covid sit-outs and mid-season funk.  It’s wide open as to who wins this all.  Grizz?  Why not?   Lakers?   Ummm…

  6. 1 hour ago, Left Shift said:

    Having watched him play horse for most of his career, while everyone else was playing basketball ... no.  At least Iverson looked good doing it.

    Syracuse fanboys still carrying the legend.

    Melo ok right now.   We got no one at the 3 dropping buckets off the bench.   Until then….it works. 

  7. 6 hours ago, Tugboat said:

    Great film… his book Beyond Possible is a great read too. It’s fantastic to finally see some Nepali climbers getting the kudos and recognition that they have deserved for generations. I’m keen to see what Nims has got coming up next. 

    The Alpinist about free-soloist Marc-Andre LeClerc is well worth a watch too if you haven’t already seen it. No happy ending in that one though.


    The feat of climbing just one of the 8000’s in a season I would imagine to satisfy most climbers.   What the Nepali did seems other-worldly.  The K2 ascent was beyond words.

    Watching free-solos is tough.   Why push so hard?   It’s a very weird take on alpine climbing IMHO.  So sad to watch such a young talented free-spirit lose his life.

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