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  1. Colts? Despite Wentz. Taylor’s in a class by himself now unless Henry returns and then throw Titans in too.
  2. Davis Mills “…leads Texans to shocker win agst Chargers.” What ? Obviously that writer don’t bet. Stay away game of the week. Bolts D blows and whatta ya get? Well earned L . We’re done.
  3. I’m on heavy course antibiotics. No sleep 36 hrs. Exhausted yet weirdly alert - and this crazy fuck shows up in my dreams. Nice.
  4. Anyone got a .303 Enfield? Going thru Knox-Johnston’s ‘tools list’ for Suhaili voyage and he posts “…303 rifle…60 rounds 303.” Assuming most Brits would prefer the Enfield but no pics. They had to been cheaper than dirt back in ‘69.
  5. That’s a messy situation there. Down but not out in Paradise. Hard to figure out if there’s a right way/wrong way to have handled that. Know a few guys hanging in there narrowly. I generally skip the family back stories and get to real time fixes. Bandaids mostly but, it goes deep when you see someone spiraling down.
  6. Cool papa. Great hands - details on his boards were elegant. RIP
  7. Dorian on Rogan today talking about this Great White attack at Banyans. His home break. Spooky. It had been seen around there for 3 weeks prior.
  8. Kante + Kova = better Blues. N’Golo has missed a lot. Real concern with this.
  9. Still trying to get my head around 6 mos/6 days??!! Where are his VO2 numbers? And we thought Messner was superhuman?
  10. Bad beat for guys holding Nagy as first to get axed.
  11. Macys https://www.instagram.com/tv/CXTrGNFF_k2/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. Yea, he’s doing that now with vinegar. Watching the takedown of the old wooden one I’d say he might attempt installing new rudder in the water?
  13. https://www.instagram.com/meateater/tv/CXXct3bMUpu/?utm_medium=copy_link
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