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  1. Ivermectin ? 4 billion doses and counting. Nobel prize. Lots to gain nothing to lose here for this old Irishman! My doc referred me to Xpress Urgent Care to get a “…Telehealth Consult” for the Monoclonal treats.
  2. Chargers playing a short pass game is getting old. Herbert has a big gun & 2 two good receivers. Go deep 8-10x a game & see what happens. We ain’t going nowhere like this . Bronco’s D stepped up and put a beat down on Bolts.
  3. Yea, my sis said a booster would be required now for us Pfizer guinea pigs.
  4. 2x. Pfizer. Last one 7 months ago. Got an email from Univ of Minnesota. Clinical trials with Ivermectin etc. $400. Sign me up.
  5. Got Covid now. Wow, talk about life’s unpredictable jumps. Slight cold symptons. Was offloading a pool heater for an install when the email result came in. Sitting by the Bay getting my head straight. Monoclonal antibodies my first move.
  6. Cum…eel has Steady. Well….That sucks too.
  7. Yea, saw that. Camille’s put a lot into those years from what the vids seem to say. Is an A30 big enough for two?
  8. The scuffle between Arteta & Klopp in first half? History there or is that how Arteta always operates?
  9. Jason on SV Lora is a couple years in to a circumnavigation. A30 fanboy finding all sorts of treats on ‘Atom Voyager’. Excellent. Facebook: Jason’s Sailing Adventures
  10. The ‘paper accordion kite-camera trigger’ is quite clever. Funny as well. Did he come up with that or his photog buddy who gave him the kites? Talk about ‘way back then….’
  11. Ive been drifting in/out with James for a bit and then the Dear John/rudder story dropped and I’ve been bingeing hard since. The A30 looks cool. He threw himself in hard to get her refit properly. Gets himself a crew and he’s heading out again. He’s got fever.
  12. A30 ‘Lora’ going to weather. Sweet lines, trucking along. Cool boats.
  13. Enjoy this channel a lot. James living the dream.
  14. This is Bella @ 4 months. Big girl.
  15. Mali mode. Look out. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWJh8GagqlW/?utm_medium=copy_link
  16. Mixed pups trip me out. Kyu looks exactly like his mom DiDi, who’s a yellow Lab. I see his dad’s Mali tail and that’s it. Have to see how he moves - his dad WillieNelson is a hellion. S. said Willie either got his muzzle on or is chained to the fence at Dog Beach on a ‘timeout’. A big, young, alpha Mali ain’t always lotta laughs. I got scars on arm for rumbling with him as a four-month old. He’s big now too. I’m done walking Maligators. Willie the T-Rex
  17. MaliLab pups are 6 mos old. This is Kyu:
  18. Yea, Rinella’s hunting bud, Ronnie Boehm, kept a loaded .22 on his desk. New customer comes into office & and hides it in his carry-on bag. Sheit ensues at the airport. In the end he dodged a felony but they kept the pistol.
  19. Jolene’s a year old. Sweet girl.
  20. Glory Days are a hazy dream anymore. Thankful I saw SAF and his boys. Glazers Must GO!
  21. “…just smash into someone!…” Have at it Roy!!
  22. City 2-0 United What fun. Driving rain, deafening boos - can it get any better?
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