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  1. Ya, guys bragging about an SKS they got for $125. at OC back in the day. I bought a fair lot of knives and tools that I still have around. The tables of knives and whatever? Damn that was fun times.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ktla.com/news/california/new-california-law-bans-gun-shows-at-orange-county-fairgrounds/amp/ Where else you gonna get a pallet of .22 for cheap? Damn.
  3. “Appointment??” When’s the last time you had to make an appointment to see the goods at the local gunshop? RifleGear policy now- plan ahead. Otherwise, you’re ‘waitlisted’ at the door.
  4. What? Banned? You gotta be kidding? Uh wait….Cali??
  5. Always like the power of a .45 and the looks of a plain 1911. The extra capacity of a Hi-Power and less expensive (still ?) 9 mm make this a no-brainer if you got the money laying around. Will stop in at RifleGear in FV tomm - be right down block. Been awhile - they usually have some nice pieces. How many being made again?
  6. BHA, on a good day, are a solid club. Nice effort.
  7. Patriot’s fanboy Bill Simmons predicts 50,000 Boston fans in Sofi for Chargers game. ‘Biggest ever’ away game….blah, blah, blah. Weak. Patriots- TB12= meh.
  8. United’s backline is, as the Mexican fans would describe, a bunch of ‘Troncos’. Slowfooted and to boot: they played the middies up? Poor coaching. Fun to watch. Go Reds.
  9. Bucs secondary gets healthy & Brady struts to another SB win. League is wide open now. Dark horse: Cowboys.
  10. Let’s get on with the racing. This is not the America’s Cup. No more lawyering.
  11. Looking at Tanguy’s boat on his IG page and I discover there is a pronounced bow chine. Do any Series boats incorporate this or is that specific to his Proto? Does the chine run around the hull completly?
  12. Ghost Robotics 6.5mm SPUR (Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle) sniper system. Yikes.
  13. Can’t believe I did that. Some major voodoo here. Crazy.
  14. How ironic that her dad discusses what to do if Orcas attack. Whew….
  15. ….and your lungs? HEPA mask for me when it’s like that.
  16. Bolts last in NFl in yds/carry (5.6) and total yards/season: 788. Browns (Chubb & Hunt) shredded us for 6.6 and 230 yds. 500+ offensive yds on the day. Browns call ball a bit. Respect 4 Chubb and their line. Big-boy power football. Hunt goes hard too. Tough team. Chargers @ Ravens will get smacked hard by Lamar J if they don’t figure something out here. Good game.
  17. Murder in Little Saigon. Christian Slater with Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen doing the sk8 scenes. Lotta local OC/LA places. Crazy chase scenes. The Pizza Hut truck? Haha.
  18. And it’s single action! “Assault” rifle? Haha….ridiculous.
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