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  1. Nah, who don’t jump to see Dino Jr? Last set I caught @ Doheny was cool. Seem to remember gawking at Barlow’s bass a lot - trippy seeing them at a Blues Festival. Can’t find pix proof but swear to Yowza that Barlow did that set with a washtub bass. Cracked me up that shit’s & giggles started from the drunks down front as they came out. About 2 mins into set they blew the placeup. Great fuckin’ band.
  2. Yea, Mercedes - the choice of rank & file surfers world wide. WTF?
  3. Yea, I was glad to see Ben G nail his first one. Jordan was stressing he’d blow the drop. Some of those righthander Ranch waves rivalled Backdoor for speed and punch. Not surprising given that Slater was out there. They can amp things up when they want to. I think they want to keep it reasonable, even for the pros, so no one gets mangled in all that apparatus in the back. Another reason I like Wave Lake in Oz - easier on the eyes. Train & trestle at Ranch a rough look as it is now.
  4. Is what it is. They continue to ramp up the size and power and we got a whole new sport. Never gonna replace North Shore winters in our minds but, for a bazillion young gamers this slots in nicely to their fantasy worlds.
  5. Wave Ranch is a smokin’ fast ride. That day looked like 2-3’ overhead and firing. Very cool vibe @ Wave Ranch.
  6. Ben G does Slater’s Wave Ranch. Good stuff.
  7. http://www.thelog.com/local/public-comment-period-closes-for-newport-bay-tmdl-plan/ This will kick around for years. City questions Regional Board study as to amount of copper in harbor, boaters ask if copper actually bad/what alternatives are there to copper products.
  8. At times the GGR seems like an Everest expedition. Underfunding, undertrained, extreme weather risks and so on. I wonder how many GGR entrants there would be if they had to provide SAR bonds and pay local governments permit fees before they venture out? Same conversations play out on climbing forums when an Everest climber buys it - ‘what was he thinking?!’
  9. His Rio 50/TP turbo probably more level racing fun. Rio 100 top notch Maxi program - not many around here anymore.
  10. Another framing technique from Arabella. Nice living on a farm with good wood, hella lot of work here. Great stuff.
  11. "Lively'. 1976 Wardell Boat Works of Costa Mesa, CA custom schooner. Hale Field design. Aptly named - quick, well-sailed & easy on the eyes. Doing tours around Newport Harbor these days.
  12. Blue boat near saw is a Star yes? Can’t see the keel easily enough but the bow does have Star lines. Nice blue too. Watching the ‘trimmer’ play the bevel angles on the ship’s saw makes that century old piece just come alive. Cool.
  13. Grems best duct taped to t-pole for smack talking tribal elders.
  14. Yea and claimed for wave bumping the hardboarders who dropped in on him. Cool. Admit to usually dropping in on spongers when it’s shitty mush. There, my conscience clean. I look over quick and see a mat with grey beard guy tearing it up? Stay clear - who knows, might be Greenough and I don’t wanna be “that guy” in that movie.
  15. Whoa hey https://patch.com/california/newportbeach/air-mattress-surfer-nails-nightmare-sized-surf-newports-wedge
  16. Prolly still do. When it’s coming over top of the jetty I ck Big C cause that’s usually when it’s good. Matts don’t go away - just need to know where to look. See a couple kneelos out there still. It all goes around /round - JOB & Ben G hard hittin Big Wedge on softops. Killah stuff that.
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