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  1. 36 knots gusting 42 at Double Island Point. It’s going to be a difficult night, especially around Breaksea Spit. Lots of yachts out already.
  2. KND performance software will run on a Win10 platform.
  3. Expedition will run on a windows 10 tablet.
  4. wonka


    Thanks. That is good information. It might be worth putting up to a link to a diagram where you show how the displays can work as extra displays to a B&G system, for example. As it was explained to me there was a reason why a yacht had to keep the h5000 (or WTP?) as the primary processor, but they like your displays. Cheers, Will.
  5. wonka


    Hi, Hoping Sailmon can clarify something for me. I understand that where boats have installed the Sailmon displays (and therefore have a processor as well), and also have B&G displays and the associated processor, you can end up with different calculated numbers on different displays. For example 14 knots tws on b&g and 12 knots tws on Sailmon display. Assuming this is correct, I guess really you have to choose one processor or the other?? Be great for some clarity here. For now, I understand it’s not a great idea to get the sailmon displays as an add on to a bandg syste
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