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  1. Fixed it to represent the actual number. -MH
  2. Somewhere I have some onboard video from that epic Vallejo race............no, not the return. -MH
  3. Comparison: 880 Airplay LOA: 8.8m 9.2m BEAM: 6.8m 6.88m Beam Fold: 2.5m 2.50m Mast Len: 12.0m 12.50m Weight: 1660kg 1345kg Mainsasil: 33.9 sq/m 37.8 sq/m Jib: 17.6 sq/m 21.37 sq/m -MH
  4. Something new coming from Corsair......... http://mkto-q0149.com/Q0cY04X0TT2pi0d5D00t0S0 An all-new Corsair, and the legitimate heir to the trimaran revolution started by the Hall-of-Fame anointed F-27, in 1986. The pinnacle of trimaran design, this built from-the-ground-up Corsair has full boat systems – meaning electric lighting, refrigeration, manual or electric toilet, and even air conditioning is available. A small generator complements a lightweight air conditioning or heating unit, and providing comfortable electrical independence when cruising in hot or cold climes. In true
  5. The boat in the video has no bow nets or pulpit either, and the crew never needs to go to the fordeck for the douse (windward or leeward). -MH
  6. Rimas, Here are a couple of shots that clearly show the "Tiller in Front" mod...... -MH
  7. Hi Scott, 1) First, as Wess said, go with the sails you have for the time being. Try things out and see what works for you. Roller furling jibs are a double edged sword. While they can be convenient if you keep your mast up, they also make trailering more complicated. On my F-27, I added a roller furling jib, however I was never satisfied with the jib sock, so I would always remove the sail and roll it around the boom. That way, I never had to worry about the boat on windy days. As for setting up a roller furler for the spinnaker, I would avoid it. I have used spinnaker furlers
  8. Congrats Rimas.....you're going to really enjoy the boat!!! Let me know anytime you want some help. -MH
  9. The 2015 is/was ex F-28R and ex Seawind 1160 owner John Brady's boat. The boat saw very little use. -MH
  10. True Story: As a result of that very F-25C ride (2nd video), the spinnaker-trimmer was so completely hooked that purchased a Dash 750 Mk-I the following season. Also note that in the first video the boat is double reefed. ;-) Cheers!!! -MH
  11. There are 3 to 5 of them in the Alameda Marina (S.F. Bay) dry storage lot. A friend used to own one of the A.M. boats named "Espresso" (don't know hull number). He bought it from a guy in Fresno many years ago. Also, there is another one (not counted in the above) that regularly races on the Bay named "Vitesse Too", that is owned by Grant Hayes. -MH
  12. Another nice shot of the old girl..... -MH
  13. Congrats on the new ride Raz'r!!!! Time to go set up the Patreon account, and go-fund- me page. ;-) -MH
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