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  1. Some of you cunts suck the joy out of life. Why not just celebrate sailing.
  2. Sailing it is not? Sweet jesus.
  3. It's like a drag car vs a formula one car, drag car may be faster in a straight line, but is a one trick pony
  4. :) Sure, you show me the wild deer il shoot them for you!
  5. I'll have some wild venison for you to celebrate the 2nd defence in a row!
  6. Book your tickets fella, it will be a lot more fun giving you shit in person.
  7. I heard strider470 was coming to NZ to watch the next defence.
  8. If anyone doubts what this means to NZ, we are now over an hour of coverage taken over the national news broadcast. Clearly nothing else has happened on the planet today, and if it has, we dont give a fuck.
  9. Fuck, never too soon for a good whinge. Why fucking bother.
  10. The first 20 mins (so far) of the national news is only AC coverage, it's pretty cool.
  11. I hope we can make this happen my friend. Congratulations for a brilliant challenge
  12. Exactly, they have to sail the boat fast, it's not like they just sit aboard and the boat does it all by itself.
  13. I just add numbers, I'm lacking the imagination to come up with new names each time.
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