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  1. If you are in Spain you should call https://minorcasailing.co.uk/ if you can hop over for a few days when school summer vacations are over. There you can try out boats like the RS100 (kite, no trapeze => could be a stepping stone) or Musto Skiff as well as double handers like RS800. In addition to the best fleet anywhere in the world I also doubt you could get the some level of tuition anywhere else.
  2. It was my understanding that the RS400 somewhat "predates" RS and was kind of "adopted". From my point of view the layout does not meet the high "easy to use" RS standards (gybing pole operation, jib sheets...). Even if (or because?) the "noise to top speed ratio" may be somewhat compromised it definitely is a weapon in light airs. It is also one of the very few current European designs that are really capable of carrying two fully grown men without being compromised towards "light couples", "youths" or whatever for easy marketing. If it is in the U.S. already it is worth buying no m
  3. I will add "VX Evo is also quite quick through the water" thanks to its waterline length. Only in stronger winds trapeze boats will pull away. And with the long hull it just looks great! But it is a massive hull, bigger than a lot of doublehanders, so for launching and retrieving on a windy day it will not hurt if you are somewhat tall & "massive" yourself :-)
  4. VX EVO looks great, it does have the hull length to properly support your weight. Devoti D One is aesthetically challenging, but you can cartop it :-) An RS Aero would be worthwhile if class racing is available, but the 9 m2 sail will not do anything about the hull being quite small for anyone 90+ kg.
  5. First 14 SE - Sailboats For Sale | BENETEAU
  6. skslr

    VX Evo

    This week-end I have been sailing next to a brand new VX EVO in Germany. The relatively long hull makes it look great and sail pretty fast in light winds!
  7. skslr

    VX Evo

    Thank you! I do need to say I agree on the "elegant" part
  8. skslr

    VX Evo

    How did you fare against the other boats in the picture? Is that a Devoti D-One in the background?
  9. skslr


    An xx-rigg will give you more sail area/power but will not help with the fact that the bouyancy of a 29er hull is at the lower limit even for the intended crew weight. If you are too heavy I would look for something designed to carry two adults.
  10. I absolutely love these "my new dinghy design" threads. Some let you learn a lot (e.g. ZIM 15), some make you wonder (e.g. Shaw 4.0) and some are at least entertaining (this). :-)
  11. I was rather wondering how your design is different apart from the stay set-up.
  12. And that does mean what in technical terms?
  13. How would you compare your design to 49er, Vector, RS800, int14s, Cherubs, Hartley Rebel... that apperantly failed to mitigate the " lack of performance double handers that we are experiencing today"?
  14. We have sailed our twin wire "skiff" to some other beaches than the one we launched from to get some food during vacation a few times. Lesson learned: If you have to wait for too long for your Schnitzel at a table outside of an restaurant you can get really cold wearing a wet wetsuit, trapeze harness etc. :-) (Service in a restaurant is slower in Germany than in the U.S. in general, though)
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