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  1. Melbourne bought themselves time to get item 1 working. Is that nothing to you?
  2. Mandatory quarantine in a hotel, with guards and medical support, at your own expense. Now that puts the brakes on travel and contagious viruses.
  3. That's a mighty lot of road accident deaths they're having in Sweden. I wonder why they happen in peaks and troughs, and generally to older persons, mostly in age care and who can't drive. What a stupid fucking argument to put forward.
  4. They are not problems here, where suitable precautions were taken. Hint, interactions between people result in the spread of contagious viruses. I do realise that these words are coming from a place of privilege with regard to covid, and that the precautions experienced locally cannot be sustained long-term. I also realise that some places could not, nor be expected to, implement such precautions, for various reasons. But I do take offence to, and question the belief system of, people that don't believe experts and actively try to undermine best practice promoted by the experts. B
  5. And yet living in a place that has, to date, effectively managed Covid, none of your perceived problems have arisen. Interesting article, but I don't think they looked hard enough for evidence that was against their position. They also raise questions about their stated position, but then don't explore those questions. "It seems intuitively obvious that lockdowns would save lives by reducing social interactions and therefore the spread of the virus." "The lockdowns may also have saved some lives," "It’s true, as lockdown proponents argue, that many factors could confound t
  6. Except the places that had real lock-downs and turned around rampant spread of infections. Good to see you're still not answering direct questions. Can you normalise the propaganda epidemic comparison graph you posted to a per year rate? How do YOU think the pandemic would've evolved if nothing was done to prevent it spreading? Alternatively, what would the world look like now, 12 months on since the start of the pandemic, if we'd all just gone about our lives? I'll give you my thoughts on question 2, albeit with a western perspective. Hospitals would be
  7. You don't think the world would burn with a highly infectious and deadly respiratory virus running rampant. What do you think the leaders of the world were going to do when businesses started failing due to a workforce that was sick for a few weeks, all at once, one and off for 12+ months? What do you think society was going to do when hundreds of thousands of people started dying? What do you think the hospitals were going to do when they got inundated with patients for 12+ months straight? Can you imagine the uproar from doctors and nurses? How do you think the US medical insu
  8. Scomo only wants to associate with easy successes, like vaccine rollouts and JobKeeper, to make him and his buddies look good. He definitely didn't want to associate with hard decisions like state border closures because if they failed he'd look bad. Shame he couldn't just be a good leader, that's all we want.
  9. I have no problem with JobKeeper, it was an easy way to stabilise a rapidly deteriorating situation. But I do have a problem with DividendKeeper, CashBonusKeeper and OffshoreCashFlowKeeper.
  10. Anyone got a lead on how much JobKeeper being kept by businesses that didn't need it is being re-homed to tax havens or headquarters?
  11. How's that pandemic yearly rate comparison coming along? Show us how you can science the shit of it. ...didn't think so...
  12. BE, everytime you search and post this shit you are making yourself dumber and exploiting other dumb people by reinforcing propaganda. Please stop.
  13. "between 1918 and 1919" is quite vague, is that 1 year or 2 years? We're very lucky that Covid does not have the death statistics of Spanish Flu, especially the ages affected, but it isn't over yet and different variants are still developing. That's not the point of my statement. BE posted bullshit propaganda that tries to make a legit comparison with many historical epidemics, but fails miserably for the reasons outlined (length of epidemic isn't accounted for). Do you care to comment on that aspect of the data?
  14. Can you normalise that data per year? For example, Spanish Flu was from early 1918 to mid 1920*. Also some estimates have the death toll as low as 17 million, and as high as 100 million. So there's that... HIV/Aids - 32 million SINCE 1981...fuck me sideways! Yikes, that graph is so distorted it is bordering on useless, except as tool of propaganda.
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