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  2. Nope, nothing to see here. Seafarers the world over are immune to covid... Following further testing of the vessel on Friday 8 October, an additional three crew members aboard the bulk carrier, IMABARI QUEEN, have tested positive to COVID-19. This brings the total number of COVID positive crew to 8. The vessel is currently being managed by Maritime Safety Queensland and Queensland Health at anchor off Weipa. IMABARI QUEEN is not permitted to berth, and persons are not permitted to board or disembark the vessel. One crew member was medically evacuated from
  3. These two aspects are not the whole story of welded connection strength over the life of the connection. What about: Fatigue Hardness Heat affected zone Corrosion etc ?
  4. This is a lie. Fox made it about gender and bathrooms and you fell for it, hard. The school board cannot openly acknowledge the alleged crime without having judges and lawyers coming down on them hard. What part of this don't you understand? It's a shame this rage isn't directed towards rapists and a society that victim blames. Instead, schools that are constrained by the realities of life and law are protested by lynch mobs.
  5. I'm sure the lawyers and judges would love dealing with a school board openly accusing a juvenile of rape. Do you want this guy convicted or not? Inflame the mob, we don't need no stinking judges, lynch mobs will do.
  6. Well the school is supposed to educate our kids, and certainly not go around arresting them. We all feel for the victims and families though, the wheels of justice can turn slowly. I'm still surprised there aren't more convicted nincom-coup-ers.
  7. Did this not happen? That would certainly be a concern if it hadn't. But the fact the alleged perp was in another school sounds like he was moved, probably after some due-process.
  8. ...by involving the police, as appears to have happened. Schools cannot arrest anyone. Schools cannot bring criminal charges against anyone. Sounds like the school did what they're supposed to do in such a situation. Still don't know why this has anything to do with bathroom policies. Hell, the second alleged assault happened in a classroom.
  9. Was it reported to the school prior to this meeting? Was it reported to the police prior to this meeting? How much do you think a school can legally do with an assault accusation anyway? This was/is a police matter, the school educates children.
  10. KSFB just hates itself and is projecting that hatred onto anyone it disagrees with. It got covid wrong, everything it held dear and true about covid is wrong, and doesn't want to accept it. It's in the final death throes of the grieving process but acceptance is proving a difficult stretch.
  11. A few acquaintances have shifted position from various levels of denial, they're not all idiots. Getting the jab seems like a move in the right direction to me anyway. Some are still steadfastly adhering to the conspiracies though. I try to avoid them as much as possible, it's demoralising to hear their nonsense and tiring to debate them. Regularly asking my elderly parents if they'd been vaxxed and calling bullshit on anything that was bullshit turned them around. No debating the merits of bullshit.
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