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  1. Please, tell us again how this is the responsibility of all black people and not the fault of criminals?
  2. You're not signalling your own virtues? That's such a cock-gobbler phrase.
  3. You keep showing your racism. Black people didn't cause these tragedies...criminals did.
  4. Oh, I meant from the public. I think some people are waking up from their cool-aid comas.
  5. For now, an interesting take is that she's gaining publicity and popularity to bring about a R party internal revolution to take away Trumps hold on the party, and that is her plan. It might be working, good luck to her. Fealty to the former/current dear leader appears to be waning.
  6. You don't think it is happening? How should it happen? What is your plan? To keep blaming black people for poverty? In-case you missed it, poor people have no power.
  7. War On Drugs, and drugs, is certainly part of the problem. But poverty is the overarching problem, and that stems directly from a lack of opportunities to prosper due to all forms of racism, from head kicking skin-heads right down to access to quality education and racial profiling by police. We care enough to try to persuade ALM folks to stop arguing against BLM. Convincing you lot that there is a problem that BLM is trying to solve is a worthy pursuit that can be achieved through active discussions online like this. This is not woke, this is society discussing a problem.
  8. And yet Wyoming want to sue other states for not buying coal... The market is shifting due to gas, renewables and efficiencies, as we all know and has been predicted for years. So what exactly is your argument? If a contract was signed, present it, but I would be surprised if any contract doesn't include clauses that allow the other states to only purchase what coal they require. Coal purchase agreements have been around a long time, and would/should already deal with reductions in demand. This says it all really, it is a political move, not an economic one... Godby
  9. The All Lives Matter folks seem to be more interested in a poorly developed three word slogan (BLM) than the actual message and policies of the movement. They're outraged by the slogan, but argue to the ends of the earth that they care about coloured people. ALM folks, please tell me again how you want to help all people, but the colours should wait their turn? Please tell me again how you respect all people, but reject a campaign based on its slogan and don't care to debate its policies?
  10. Europe? You'll need to get specific, some places will take you, others will be cautious. Even neighbour islands are being affected, and handling things, differently.
  11. How's the guess holding up now? This is a self-assessment task.
  12. It is interesting reading back over these threads... Covid in Portugal went a bit nuclear after you left... https://www.google.com/search?q=portugal+covid&rlz=1C1GIVA_en-GBAU913AU916&oq=portugal+covid&aqs=chrome..69i57.2735j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 That conspicuous bump in April/May in the old graph is nothing in the latest graphs.
  13. You've missed the point...my simple argument is that your data is old, so stop relying on it. Power costs have changed markedly since 2010, or even 2016, and will continue to do so. Market forces are driving demand away from coal, and some state suing others for not buying said coal isn't going to change that. Careers come and go based on demand. That puny $1.2million should go to re-training and developing emerging markets, not lawyers pockets.
  14. So a 2010 report predicting the future costs of power in 2016 is the basis of your argument in 2021? That's scraping the bottom of the barrel of validity.
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