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  1. Give 'em hell, Pip. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... [Note: the above link is Hovian-safe]
  2. Shouldn't Europe wait until Weed submits his report before they go off half-cocked on their Mars thingy?
  3. RD, you're so full of it....You, me, or anyone else on this forum has not worked nearly as hard as Reid over the last couple of years. You're a silly person. Squared
  4. We interrupt this program for an important announcement... PS: The above linky is VoidHo safe.
  5. Linky to drifting buoy and ship locations. Clicky on part of the world you're interested. List of buoys in the image will be shown at bottom of screen. BTW, that's the Hawaiian state fish in DB33517's track...
  6. To Whom It May Concern: The staff on the second floor of MET595aholics Anonymous has not detected any plot pings from our favorite VTU since 17:00 UTC (9am PST). Is there a Hovian expert in your ranks who knows if the erratic communication from MET595 is due to the southness of his position? Thank you in advance for your assistance...
  7. Ahoy from the second floor of MET595aholics Anonymous. We have not detected any pings from our favorite VTU since 10:00 UTC (2am PST). The staff here is wondering if somebody can find out from the Hovians if anything is amiss. Thank you in advance for your assistance... Edit: Disregard this message...comm has been reestablished with MET595 as of 14:08:32 GMT.
  8. CORRECTION: The name is Jean Le Cam, not Le Pam.
  9. Stowe's intention to sail to the Equator is a matter of record, as is his plan to position SchoonerAnne for entry into the the SE tradewinds. The meantime, he is now meandering away from all meaningful points of land north and west of the postion your image shows. If the southing continues, Stowe will be back in the Roaring 40's which will make drifting north just about impossible; which means he'll have to sail north...and there in lays the rub. PS: Worth noting is the fact that SchoonerAnne is about halfway to no man's land, at which point Stowe would be about 2,100 nm from help in an
  10. Reid's latest log entry is dated 20 May, yet the lat/lon he gives is for a position he reached on 18 May. What's with that? As for the knucklehead encountering any reefs or similarly solid objects, not much chance of that below 32*S. The part about SchoonerAnne hitting 4-8 knots...one can only surmise that what we're talking about here are brief terrifying moments when the vessel is sliding down a wave. Hard to imagine a boat doing 4-8 knots for any length of time when the average distance traveled is about 50 nm/day. And the tidbit about wind blowing eyelids open...maybe i
  11. I think it's a taste bud specific thing...to me it tastes sweet. Of course, I'm one of those who loves Marmite, and can't stand the taste of Sen-Sen.
  12. From a big crescent to a brilliant half moon? That must have been some electrical storm. BTW, people who have been at sea and way too close to lightning often report that you can taste the electricity in the air, and it is sweet.
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