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  1. A friend of mine redecked his trawler a few years ago and looked at fake teak. I don't think it was this stuff, as he described as looking pretty good, that you would have trouble telling the difference from standing height. BSJ's deck looks amazing, and that camera is sitting on the deck. What convinced him to go real teak was he worked out the expansion rate, and realized it would either need to be done in relatively short strips, or it wouldn't last. BSJ - does this stuff have a thermal expansion\contraction rate similar to glass, and can we see some more pictures of your boat?
  2. Is that one of Allen Farrell's boats? Seems to me one was purchased, and refitted in the Seattle area. Nothing to do with Farrell. That is the 52' ketch that used to be (and could still be) called Skol, US built on North Sea fishing boat lines. She once had a fish hold aft but has been a charter boat and live aboard family home in the San Juan's since the 1970's. She did belong to Ron and Rita Saling long ago Thanks Tad. I remember (misremember?) in Sailing Back in Time, one of his boats went to Seattle, where it was refurbished, and re-rigged. I don't exactly remember what
  3. A clever survivor, maybe. Genius? "Well, I'll be a middle-aged mongoloid from Memphis." --Emory Wages, "The Bad Seed" How about "accidental genius"?
  4. So let me get this straight - HotRod has to wait for the wind to die before getting this thing dragged away. Weren't we all waiting last week for a high spring tide so he could get this thing hauled away? So he has to wait for both a spring tide, and no wind? And the marina won't boot him until then, as they don't want the "the marina made me move my boat in manifestly unsafe conditions" argument? so, he gets to squat at this marina until conditions are perfect? HR is a genius!
  5. He actually made a number of conventional boats - Native Girl, Ocean Girl, Ocean Bird, Wind Song, numerous trollers. They didn't all look like China Cloud!
  6. Is that one of Allen Farrell's boats? Seems to me one was purchased, and refitted in the Seattle area.
  7. Easy. For Million dollar liability, I would charge 1.1 million (company deserves to make a profit, right?)
  8. I think Snaggy has no fingers, and uses Dragon Naturally Speaking to type for him. He unfortunately trained his dragon while piss drunk, and going down on a girl. But I've been known to be wrong before.
  9. You are definately not Snaggletooth. Not one single word spelled in snagglease.
  10. My vote for a name: TRAINWRECK How about Darwin's Award Anyone know when this nutter is launching?
  11. I think he's telling us he's a homo baby fucker.
  12. I guess his snow-shovel is reserved for barnacle duty and not clearing snow from the decks...
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