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  1. Two years, Michigan fresh water , mast stored outside during the winter under shrink wrap - So far it looks like it 'new'
  2. We did our carbon wing mast with Perfection with reducer - roll and tip, turned out great
  3. For chromed parts, believe it or not WD-40 and aluminum foil is the shockingly effective - spray part with the WD-40 and rub with aluminum foil - try it and thank me later
  4. Here is a link to SDS : https://www.pettitpaint.com/media/2989/3021-pettit-ez-poxy-enhancer-1302100-sds-1.pdf Here is the product usage sheet: https://www.pettitpaint.com/media/4470/ez-poxy-performance-enhancer-product-data-sheet.pdf While it has the EZ-Poxy name - it is used for Poly Urethane / Varnish topcoats Basically it is a thinner used to lower the viscosity and surface tension on the Poly U
  5. After you roll it - Tip it
  6. Yeah, the burden of proof is on the person making the accusations - the boat ahead and the boat behind have already established the competitor's reported finish time is inaccurate. the question is, was it intentional to knowingly provide false information for the benefit of the boat's race standing
  7. So here is a scenario for the Racing Rules Sailing armchair lawyers. During the course of a distance race, where the competitors are being instructed by the SI's and the RC to record their finish times and report those time to the RC for PRHF/Handicap scoring, What rule is broken if a competitor is found to have falsified their finish times to their benefit? Besides the obvious 69
  8. Ollie broke a U shackle on her water stays - she is done
  9. Did the Bayview Mac committee not learn anything from the Stars and Stripes capsize? the M32 doesn't even come close to meeting the SERs https://www.bycmack.com/pdf/2020_SER_Multihull.pdf totally disregard by the PRO and approval committee ~ And if that chase boat so much as hands-off one bottle of water, that's outside assistance and should be an immediate DQ
  10. ohh go for it ` the g/5 bond will be weaker than the Thickened epoxy bond, but it should tack ok
  11. Spray the item to be cast with McLube / Dry Teflon Spray, and then layup the glass, or oversize drill hole and cast the item in epoxy. After the epoxy has set up, it should back right out with threads nicely cast. Also see page 45 on https://www.westsystem.com/wp-content/uploads/Fiberglass-Manual-2015.pdf
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