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  1. oofah...i’d choose just about any other boat before i’d do this without three on strings.
  2. yup, two terms and they should be gone. reduce their lifetime bene and retirements too unless lobbying is abolished. end the toxic tribalism or continue with todays political idiocy
  3. aA

    Civil War

    yup, it’s been brewing for years and years imnsho
  4. terrible news. always enjoyed his well thought out posts and online demeanor. may his sails and cup remain eternally full
  5. not ball and socket. like the inboard end here: http://www.snipetoday.org/articles/technical-experts/boats-equipments/snipe-rigging-101/ pole is too long for up the mast. the entire purpose of the launcher is to assist the 8 year old little person crewing deploy a pole 3 times her size
  6. thanks for the reply, unfortunately that system is not an option
  7. looking at snipe systems (to be used in another class) i get the following: 1. line to clew through pole and dead ended on boom 2. launch line - attached to end of pole, through bungee’d block (hung from spreaders) 6-12” above gooseneck, through block at mast then to deck and into cleating system 3. retract - 4:1 bungee in boom through sheave at end of boom and attached to butt end of pole anything i am missing there? now big question is sleeve at front end of pole (that attaches with bungee to boom as close to mast as possible) could obviously be fabbed from pvc, bu
  8. the justification for that fight (And oppression) is steeped in religion is it not?
  9. i find it humorous to see those who don’t believe in the science of evolution using science in memes to try and win other arguments...
  10. fairly certain that’s the kind of kink mother only accepts behind closed doors
  11. I haven’t walked these halls in a while, is sea warrior malarkey?
  12. my wife’s only comment besides “i really can’t stand watching this” was “well Biden wins best tie of the night”
  13. you forgot hood river and seattle bub...
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