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  1. Thew amazing thing about that picture is the number of people in chairs sitting around transfixed waiting for a cow to shit. the bog mindles.
  2. No, DC asked "Who would build a 12metre in fiberglass unless they wanted to cheat" Fiberglass boats had been around for decades.
  3. What part is wrong. A pretty good summation of the whole incident by David.
  4. The PLB is not a tracker so it does not produce a track. The satellite picks up the ping when it passes overhead, about every 20 mins I believe (but I could be incorrect). Also the position it transmits is only accurate to about 200 meters or maybe more so any two pings would not give you the info you think it would.
  5. You are a piece of shit, we all know who you are referring to.
  6. Just think about may earlier post about the right penalty for these protests when I suggested a place penalty instead of a time penalty. If Celestial had been given, say a 2 place penalty, and all other places remain the same (the usual wording). Celestial would be 3rd along with L&W and IB would still score as 2nd. No 1st place but the Rolex goes to celestial for the fastest corrected time.
  7. Dont believe anything Pap Smear posts. Did someone earlier say he was 'special'
  8. This Int Jury (different members than other years) was comprised of some very knowledgeable people, some of which are offshore sailors. They are hardly a club of insiders. They are well known for making the right decisions and looking at all aspects of the case. Celestial was off air for approximately 90 mins yet only got a 40 min penalty. IB's redress was only 3 mins. Very fair but hugely unfortunate for Sam and his crew. I doubt any of the RC (who lodged the protest) have ever been to sea in a modern racing yacht and would not understand that it is impossible to comply with that partic
  9. Tubby, I agree with you all the way. It should be noted that is was the RC that protested not IB. IB sought redress for the time lost investigating the problem. Thinking about these penalties and WO's penalty a few year's ago, wouldn't it be better to allocate a place penalty and not time. Then there is no speculation on the amount of time given to make the penalty stick.
  10. I dont understand Shaggy saying he protested the OA. There is nowhere in the rules that allows a protest against the OA.
  11. Dont read between the lines or you may read something that isnt there.
  12. How do you know he was pissing, he may have had stage fright.
  13. I think what most people forget is that these girls were prostitutes earning big bucks. They weren't innocent little girls.
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