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  1. Its like a school kid saying "I am going to tell the teacher, then you will get into trouble." Grow up FFS.
  2. If you want pursue substantive issues with AS I really dont think this the place. Sailing Anarchy is infamous for bullshit and mud slinging. Take it up directly with AS though their website. You are asking too much to expect thoughtful, structured answers here. And to think that the negative posters on this thread are representative of all clubs members is a huge stretch.
  3. Why do you call it a heat, its a race. RRS doesn't mention heats.
  4. I have noticed whenever you dont have a decent argument he always come back with name calling. It is a common trait with left wingers on PA also. I would expect that from primary school kids but not from adults.
  5. on the stream I was watching the commentator we Peter Lester, at least he knows sailing even if he is one eyed.
  6. Clarkey, why your insistence that nobody cared about the AC until Aus won it in '83. The majority of the sailing world were enthralled by the AC and the 12s for decades before that. If nobody care about it there wouldn't have been multiple challenger series before then. Just because you are only interested in sport contests that NZ's are involved in does not mean every other person does not care about the AC. Lift your sights mate.
  7. trt131


    And The Ocean Race allow it but not many others. The reason is not to keep water out of the cockpit, it is to increase stability outside of what has been measured.
  8. Federal responsibility but run bu the States. Or do you mean the Feds were running the day to day operations.
  9. trt131


    OK, OK, I have now read the NoR. However it may be standard in USA but not the rest of the world.
  10. trt131


    Absolutely zero expertise. However if the SIs allow it then good.
  11. trt131


    There a few comments on this thread about stacking and crews sitting on the stack. You do realise that the Racing Rules of Sailing do not allow stacking. The suggestion that everyone else does it so it is OK is the Lance Armstrong defense, its still not permitted.
  12. Same old, same old, Dan is good, Gladys is bad. You and Meli are sooo fucking repetitive. Do you think your narrative will change anybody's voting choice? Albo will still lose.
  13. Check this for live tracking https://www.australiansailingteam.com.au/olympics/live-tracking/
  14. Looked to me that she went the wrong way up the first beat. The left hand of the course was way favored.
  15. Yep, DTM if I remember correctly we were doing very well on hcp until we joined the search all day (although Sarge wanted to go in early)
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