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  1. trt131

    Aus Cabinet Minister accused rapist

    There you go again making assumptions. There is no evidence or proof that there was ever a rape. Just because the alleged victim mad a statement to her friends does not make it real (unless its against someone to right of politics). The statement she made to her friends is full of holes, her family even stated she was often delusional as are a lot of bi-polar people. However you can't help yourself jumping in and assuming he is guilty of an alleged crime. In reality all you are looking for is a scalp from the Libs. You lost the election, Shorten is not PM and Scomo will increase his majority next time. The butthurt will subside in time.
  2. trt131

    Aus Cabinet Minister accused rapist

    FFS with you short for bob and others it's all about politics. You are all as transparent as you always are
  3. trt131

    Aus Cabinet Minister accused rapist

    Amazing, Ease the Sheet is convinced he guilty, no evidence except he is from the right side of politics.
  4. trt131

    I still call Australia home

    interesting that the statement from her friends said, after the formal dinner of the debating contest, the group went dancing at the hard Rock Cafe before going back to her place where the alleged incident took place. All this was in January 1988, but the first hard Rock Cafe did not open in Sydney until 1989. What other things are wrong with the statement.
  5. trt131

    Aus Cabinet Minister accused rapist

    So you have already decided he is guilty, how very woke of you.
  6. trt131

    Prada Cup

    You and I have had many discussions on rules in the past and in another live, Inch
  7. trt131

    Prada Cup

    Are you try to be deliberately obtuse or are you thick. The rule has been changed for the AC (includes Prada Cup)
  8. trt131

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    That Polish women wants to blame Scomo for everything.
  9. trt131

    Prada Cup

    Because the rule says there is a 50 meter penalty. Even if a boat decided to restart, they haven;t necessarily done their 50 metre penalty.
  10. trt131

    Prada Cup

    Nope, you are wrong.
  11. trt131

    Prada Cup

    You still don't get it. 44.4(c) is talking about boat on boat penalties and explains that that a boat can offset such a penalty if the other boat receives a penalty. The rule further explains that a boat on boat penalty cant be offset by an OCS penalty. If both boats are OCS they are canceled out. This is the only thing that can happen as the OCS penalty is not to restart (as in normal racing) but to take a 50 metre penalty. Each taking a 50 metre penalty offsets the penalties. You are seeing something in the rule that is not there.
  12. trt131

    Prada Cup

    "They" did not make a mistake offsetting the penalties. You (and others) have misunderstood the pertinent rule. The rule is talking about boat on boat penalties that cannot be offset against an OCS penalty. I guess, like a lot of posters here, you have not had much to do with match racing. If a boat starts 6 seconds early it will be judged as a deliberate breach of the rules which would likely lead to DSQ. Again read the rules correctly, don't make up an answer of what you think a ruling should be.
  13. trt131

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Umm, I think Aus is way ahead on apparent wind sailors. Check out the skiff scene in Aus, let alone Moth World Champs, Cat World Champs (Gashby) and heaps more.
  14. trt131

    Prada Cup

    Jal, you are coming across as a very bitter loser. The butt hurt will subside but only if you want it to
  15. trt131

    (Lack of) Event Management

    Do yourself a favour, download and read the AC Racing Rules then you and perhaps Kenny wouldn't make such fools of yourselves. The OCS penalty is explained in the document. Kenny's question was diabolic suggesting a boat going for the line turns off RRS 16.