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  1. I looked at the time and couldn't find anything off the shelf that I thought would work for my team. Once we got to the starting line it looked like everyone with a decent setup was sporting something custom. This was 5 years ago so maybe today there's something new.
  2. ^ custom pedal drive for R2AK. Worked well and allowed two people to pedal on one unit with one person pedaling forward and the other in reverse. If I was designing a new one I would want to have a simple gear shift mechanism and at least a high gear and a low gear. 5 or 6 speeds would be even better for "motor" sailing. This is a far more effective solution then rowing for anyone that's not an experienced rower with perfect form. And it has the advantage of keeping your hands free. Even if you are a great rower, you still have to get the gearing right for a sailboat that's going to weigh
  3. The ideal boat for this thing is definitely of the Swiss lake racer variety. As in ultra-light over-canvassed catamaran. And sure, a fast monohull might stay in contact with a Farrier trimaran in the light stuff, but when we did the Northern Century on the Marstrom M32 it was so light that we were the only boat that could finish the 100nm within the time limit. No monohulls stayed in contact for more than the first 15min. I don't have the M32 anymore, but we raced the boat in a wide range of conditions and only other fast cats like the SL33 or the Extreme40 were somewhat competitive on a bo
  4. I'd bet a solid crew practiced on the boat could finish two-thirds of the time and manage not to die the other third.
  5. Only semi-foiling experience here, but I'm sure a foiling Farrier or Corsair tri is technically achievable. But as others have said, almost certainly not worth it. I'm guessing you would add at least 150lbs to the boat. You would have a high takeoff speed and it would be downwind only. You would be slower all the time in light wind. Slower all the time upwind. And maybe only faster off the wind in moderate to strong breezes.
  6. I've got some leads on boats, but the event list isn't there yet. I haven't had an easily trailerable boat in 20 years. With the M32 I gave up the trailer for a 40' container pretty early on. Mama Tried went everywhere on her own bottom. Had some fun cruising her a bit around the San Juan Islands, sailed down to SF, and then raced her only on the Bay and a couple Farallones races. There were some more things I wish I had done with Mama Tried but didn't. That's the way it goes. Now I want to take advantage of lighter, easier logistics. So, what can I do with 400lb boat that lives on a trailer a
  7. Jonny Goldsberry did it on a Moth! Only time I flipped the M32 was on a ditch run. You can definitely enter a beach cat. I think Pete Melvin did it on a Nacra F20C a few years ago.
  8. So any thoughts on a top 10 event list for 20' SF based foiler?
  9. He does. But, I want to do some foiling on my side of the world before tackling something in Europe. Renting does seem to make sense for this sort of event when the time is right.
  10. Here's a few on my mind: Local/Regional - Santa Barbara to King Harbor (not sure a small cat can register). - Newport to Ensenada (is this still a race, can a beach cat register?) - Any multihull events in the Columbia River Gorge? - What are the West Coast beach cat regattas? How do I not know? Maybe Someday... - Round Texel - Stockholm Archipelago Raid (would this be fun for somebody that doesn't speak Swedish or German) - Something on Lake Garda I guess I'm pretty ignorant of what the events are for small cats in Califor
  11. So I find myself between boats and thinking my next ride should be a foiler of some sort. Can I get some advice? I'm based in SF so whatever it is needs to be reasonably robust, or at the very least when things go bang it's closer to a three figure bill than a five figure one. It's not going to be GC32 or a TF10 for this round and whatever it is it's going to race double-handed, maybe single-handed. On the other hand, I'm 6'3" and weigh about 235lbs so I don't think the Nacra 15 is going to be the ticket either. As I sit here the Nacra F20C FCS looks pretty sweet. I could also consid
  12. Work and Covid pretty much squashed all my sailing plans for this year so I recently donated Mama Tried to the Skiff Sailing Foundation. Starting to dream about what's next, but no decisions.
  13. So have you made any decisions? Are you still planning on racing with six on one boat? The Seacart looks very suitable for 3 maybe 4. Ocelot would be a good choice for a team of 6 if you're not trying for the record. Plan on doing a lot of pedaling. Btw, are you buying or borrowing/chartering a boat? (You're not building a boat unless you started a year ago or are aiming for 2022). What's your budget? I'm sure you already feel this, but unless you go with a boat that's already well sorted for the task you don't have a lot of time to get organized and ready (especially if anyone
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