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  1. Yep. People that are good with tools have no problems. The other people wind up with a chunk of useless metal or plastic...
  2. You use the jig. The first few passes on the router are critical, after that, you use the edges of the jig to mill in a straight line...
  3. You have never finished an 80% have you? There are many different kinds. When I finished mine, I used a Milwaukee cordless drill and a Milwaukee router, along with a jig and endmill tools for the router. It does take a lot of skill if you are finishing a metal receiver, but the Glock kits are pretty easy to finish.
  4. I heard the same about the 4”. Will still drive to work tomorrow.
  5. We will ride it out just fine in West Michigan.
  6. I agree. (And I dont know the details of this thread. Another shooting where the cops were afraid and shot someone?)
  7. I would bet it is at your ranch in Oregon.
  8. How would you know? Perhaps they are also worried about mostly non violent protests? Maybe they would like to defend themselves against predators in their neighborhood that don’t follow the law? Not everyone has a ranch in Oregon that they can bug out to, with a nice Scar to defend themselves with.......
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