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  1. Still have to study it, but thanks for the tips!
  2. I am really starting to appreciate all of the great recipes being posted on PA. Thanks Mark, I am going to try that one!
  3. This. I still cry every now and again, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Cal20: Like Steam I wish I could be more help, but the best you can do is to remember him, good times and bad. He lives on in your memory at the very least, possibly more. Hang in there…….
  4. I lost a Sister in 1988, and my only Brother in 1996. The pain never goes away, you must simply get used to it. Also: I am going to Austin1972’s memorial in Onekama Mi, this Saturday. ”Only the good die young…”
  5. That explains a lot. He has expensive taste in guns too.
  6. End the sanctions. Help them build an economy. Tourism would be a great start.
  7. Yah, I have a few thousand rounds through mine, and the only time it jammed was when using non Ruger magazines. Hell of a lot of fun to plink with. Mine is stainless like Billy’s, but I put a Butler Creek folding stock on mine, so it does look like an EBR but I still have the original wooden stock and could swap them in minutes.
  8. Mini-14 worthless? I enjoy shooting mine…
  9. So we become subjects like you, for a false sense of security? None of what you propose is possible in the USA.
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