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  1. Thread drift: I believe Ganna in a "steady state" status in a flat road is stronger/faster. Pogacar is an incredible "complete" cyclist, so as soon as the road is not flat he is obviously faster than Ganna, as happened in Tokyo. They also have a 15kg difference, which really matters as soon as the road is not flat. But If I had to put one of them on a AC boat, I would put Ganna all day long. On an AC boat, continous power creation is what matters, not the ability to climb mountains or win races/tours.
  2. Yep to get a realistic figure, consider 22-24 degrees angle wing an 26-30 degrees heel to windward.
  3. No it' not. that foot is measured the same as all double sided decksweepers (i.e. we measure just one side when they overlap). I've chatted with a lot of people about that rig setup. Lots of different opinions about the tradeoffs. My view is that having that power down low and a decent sail entry angle on downwinds on takeoff/tacks may be more important than the extra-drag created. It may help using smaller foils in litte winds, etc. But I guess only Ruggi really knows where the tradeoff is :)
  4. I agree. The flattish bottom is a bit of an outcome of having the boom to overcome though. That's why I love the solution ruggi had at the worlds on the manta with the wishbone boom. Sail was still not perfect (could have had even more entry angle at the bottom) but the ds was way fuller than anything else, and properly sealed to the deck in all conditions. Not everybody in Garda agreed that the wishbone is the way to go, 2 me is a no brainer.
  5. Yep precisely. Latest Lennons and doyles in garda measured close to 8.25 ( some doyles were overdize in garda), while norths measured around 8.1 or even 8.05
  6. So kit HULL AND FOILS Bieker. Clearly fast, sailed by top 5. Most people now with bieker foils, not damic, especially for the big foils. First 2 had also shorter verticals, which are said to make manouvres slightly easier. Boat is a bit difficult still cause wings are small, high and with no big floatation. Maguires. Always the easiest and the best built, still moreless fast. Not as aereo as other top boats but some guys did pretty well with it (salva, hivey). New aerocet could be the go-to boat if it keeps exocet ease and reilability, but make it more aero. We will see. Ma
  7. Yesterday tricky light day. Slingsby always on top. Nathan looks to be doinf miracles with the mach2, to keep a top 5. Great day for Ruggi, who in the light looks the fastest straight line. Today glam peler in the morning, with again slibgsby dominating, but some good performance by goodie (back to 3rd) and checco (5th).
  8. Yup phil. It strikes me also that in first day with a race in the lightish breeze he still gave half a leg to everybody. Then yesterday in the breeze he was playing a different sport really. Unless something strange happen it will be 1 slinsby 2 goobs. From there everybody is very close. Unkess goodie gets better and maybe can challenge goobd
  9. I measured it. It is an open wishbone at the back, with the "2 booms" at the back hold toghether by the clew fitting. If you connect to the agm in 30 mins the general topkc of boom fittings will be discussed, cause under current rule boom fitting are basically unrestricted.
  10. It's a normal vang, but doubled. For what I remember therere's a 3 blocks cascade on each side. In have to say ruggi's sail looks probably the best in the fleet. Really powerful downwind. Its a lennon a6ids with fuller and single skin decksweeper
  11. Day 1. Results. https://fragliavela.sailti.com/en/default/races/race-resultsall/text/MothWorldChampionship2021-Malcesine-en/menuaction/race-inscriptions-groups what they do not show completely is the horizon job slingsby did in the yellow fleet.. impressive cause race 1 was really marginal with everybody off the foil at the firt upwind mark. Speedwise in yellow fleet I think tita was second fastest, then goodie. On blue fleet goobs dominated, but races seemed closer than the yellow. Sooo happy for some italians going really fast It was 6-10 knots for first race, 8-14 for a
  12. Yep from thursday. I am backnto work forn3ndays now
  13. I arrived today. I did measure the new hulls from exploder, which look pretty cool. They're like biekers but with mainfoil and wings further back, and they're bloody lighter than biekers. Will see where tom jonson and botin have them in the race. Pete burling was also here in the past few days but I do not think he is racing. Chat in the boatparks has goodie and goobs on top. Level is Bloody high.. so many fast people that I did not even mention before. Dylan has not come yet.. we will se if he changes people's bets. I am finally sailing tomorrow morning. I will see how man
  14. Nice predictions here https://mothingthearabiangulf20.wordpress.com/2021/08/25/the-non-worlds-form/ I mostly agree, but I guess (and hope) ruggi could surprize a few, if it is light
  15. Yup. Wing shape very similar to mantas.. I gyess they reached similar conclusion on the cfd analysus. it is interesting that he went on with the zboom while manta guys went for a wishbone. I suspect that one of these 2 solutions will be the stanrdard from next year, cause both sails (benoit marie and ruggi tita) look so much better then the ones with conventional bent booms, especially downwind.
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