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  1. ideas for next season, add retract come up with something else The objective is to give quality, competitive racing to the fleet in Hobart (and further) that brings value to the owners, clubs and crew. There is a trend of bigger and higher rated boats entering the market as well as the whish for a mix of racing in Offshore, Costal/passage and harbour racing at the levels of Advanced to fun. While the approach has been to ask the owners and listen to those who meet with sailing staff/flags an new approach should be to provide a standard that favours no one and sets a baseline
  2. Is the objective to recover costs of an event or to make money off the event? to cover the costs of an event is fair enough but to slug crew $15 a day after charging the owner entry fees and getting sponsorship as well as using volunteers to run the event is bad form. After all it is the owners who are providing the vessel not the OA. Where the club should be making their money is food and drink after each race day with events, promotions and other things.
  3. I looked on the RYA website, their rule 46 is the same as World sailing and have no PRESCRIPTIONS on the rule. the Report that AS did on the change had only 7 owners consulted I will go find it.
  4. This is doing the rounds on facebook again. What are my obligations as an owner? if I say to all my crew are you members and they say yes have I met my obligation to rule 46? Will I get scrubbed if it turns out that they are not a member? am I supposed to check (I wont be doing this)? How will this be policed? will there be audits to ensure compliance? https://www.sailing.org.au/news/faq-changes-to-rule-46/
  5. AS is proving that it lacks the intellectual authority to mandate new requirements. The only thing AS can rely on is bullying owners to comply. Are owners supposed to check the AS website daily for updates? Give David Taylor a call, he owned and raced yachts (Picese, Far 37 and Sydne 36) for many years. Hes an engineer. He knows boats. He might help.
  6. Bloody hell Glen they just keep coming don't they? what else is coming? The blurb and justifications are rubbish. "some bloke did maintenance". Where is the empirical evidence and the engineering statistics? Pathetic. Worse than the AS report on Sail pass. Sail pass, Sail numbers, and now this keel bolt stuff. Why did you create the Keel boat committee and not Use it? You know owners have to regularly get their boat surveyed for insurance purposes?
  7. Crikey...... Hi Everyone, The Owners’ Working Group has been formed to provide Australian Sailing a consultative group through which it can engage with owners of keelboats around Australia. For your interest and input, we have written a news article introducing the Owners’ Working Group which can be found here: https://www.sailing.org.au/news/group-formed-to-consult-with-keelboat-owners/ Kind regards,
  8. For me its the need to put a whole weekend into the event, I and my crew just cant do it. Hopefully now we can go back to a Saturday Arvo harbour and separate long series. like we used to do. 8 race each.
  9. All clubs seems to be doing a thing of having to be a "financial" member of that club to be in the pennant, this is a new rule since Combined clubs formed. The Royal is allowing all comers in its pennant, for a small fee. Not Sure what the rules are for the other two clubs. I am a member of the RYCT and BYC and the other owner of the boat is a member of the DSS so hopeful we can still do all three clubs pennants. What can be said is the NOR section 15 is not very clear. Sounds like pipe opener was good, sorry I missed it, there is always next year! HELLO TO FORUM STORKERS,
  10. just been informed that to enter the DSS and BYC pennants you need to be a member of the respective club this year. The Royal you dont need to be a member but non ryct members have to pay an extra fee. Seems like a confused mess to me.
  11. Hi I entered through the RYCT and it was $150 for AMS IRC and PHS for their pennant? I will query it. My total entry fee is $600 for 12 comps!
  12. Completely agree. Club races are funded by entry fees, sponsorship as well as bar and food sales after the race, the costs for a race day is fixed including fuel, staff, volunteer catering, insurance and what ever else there may be. There are no variable costs that i can see. My club is charging more for the series but putting on less races. Clubs now have got to the point where the owners/sailors are there for the clubs benefit instead of providing a service to owners.
  13. fixed Handicaps go hand in hand with divisions and courses. PHS in some competitions is the most fair because it gives the closet results over time. Fairness regularly seems to get over ridden by having "equal boats in the divisons" The IRC RACE MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES has good direction that unfortunately seems to be missed by many OA, including AS. https://ircrating.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/manage_2019.pdf Class Rule/Type Parameters 0 Racing LH greater than 9.0m and less than 16.5m. IRC Series Date: 2000 and later. IRC Hull Factor: 10.4 and higher. IRC DLR: 145 and lower.
  14. Does anyone else think its bad that we are less than 6 weeks from open day and we still have no schedule or NOR for the coming season?
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