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  1. I've never been stopped with the Moth on the roof in the UK. Have always done it. Never bothered taking tramps off either back when they were a thing.
  2. Definitely going to try to get some video and stuff - quite hard when you're sailing but the split fleets should help. The few helpers organising the event are already tied up with running the racing. Really looking forward to it though - hope we get some breeze!
  3. Not a lot really. The mini 40 in my profile pic is the same basic config only with proper hulls and wasn't much heavier - when I set it up for upwind/downwind it was too draggy trying to get it to foil and it just didn't accelerate as easily and went sideways upwind. I don't know if that wand link was aimed at me or not, but suffice to say I know how they work already thanks. Not really interested in the added complexity for something that's just for messing about with.
  4. I've built one, don't know of any others and certainly none that have been raced with the mini40's down at Gosport. I made a mini hydroptere style boat in 08 which was a good laugh, but not much use around a course.
  5. Foil assist with T on the rudder of both. In the yellow Shinobi's defence, this layout takes an awful lot of setting up right. I can't say I had any leeway issues upwind with mine.
  6. Just for clarity, they're not both Shinobi's. I've raced two identical boats, one with float foils and no daggerboard and one with no float foils and just the daggerboard. The only time the latter could get near the foil boat was in very underpowered big rig conditions. The rest of the time the foil boat smoked the non foiled. Ian's boat in the video above has some very peculiar quirks that I wouldn't run, notably the massive T foil. I think mine was about 6cm span and tiny chord, whereas his is more like 20 cm.
  7. Hi Chris, Interestingly you've ended up at pretty much the same length foils as my black boat. Obviously they we're right to start with! As for CnC - get in touch....
  8. Just for the sake of up-to-date ness, the current BMMA website is here. There's a bit on some designs, the Kampai cat plans are the most recent. https://modelmultis.wordpress.com/
  9. Theres a few links on this page. If you don't have any luck I'm pretty sure I've got the autocad drawings for the Ghost Train lurking on my computer somewhere...
  10. No rig canting - I've looked at it, but don't think its worth the weight penalty of adding a winch and more voltage. That tri weighs 2kg all up so under 2kg should be easily doable for a cat.
  11. Thought I'd resurrect the thread with My latest toy...
  12. I've got a Mini 40 that I ended up with this set up on, while its easy to make it stiff it isn't really very small! If you are going to the effort of making it removeable, make it come apart entirely in my opinion.
  13. UK site is here - not a lot of activity online but there is about 25 active members with boats in the UK The Mini40 rules are linked from this page. I built the green and white boat in the pics further up in a freestyle session with a load of blue styrofoam, a longboard and some lightweight carbon weave. All up inc RC gear is 1.65KG. Needs refinement ( - reserved for mk2) but has provided much amusement for me and the other Mothies I have inflicted it on.
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