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  1. The boat is a J/28. Rudder is about 52"deep by 29"wide. Probably weights in around 80lbs. Space between center of upper and lower bearings is 31". Someone just asked me why don't I make a new bearing out of fiberglass using the rudder shaft as a mold with graphite powder added to the bearing layer. Sounds like an interesting idea and I have everything needed except the graphite. Can even vacuum bag the layup around the shaft to get better consolidation in the layup.
  2. Plugged the numbers into both calculators and the numbers are the same. Only difference is the recommendation to add grooves into the shaft log for cooling. Just for fun, I plugged the dimensions into their general application calculator (https://www.vesconite.com/design-and-technical/) and the recommendation came out at 6.509" I agree that .021 seems fairly loose. I've seen a couple other recommendations suggesting just slight drag on the bearing. I will most likely be using the rudder to reinstall the bearing. The top bearing is bronze and still in place. It was only the botto
  3. Working with the Design a Bearing tool on the Vesconite website and plugging in the numbers for my boat (6.5"shaft, 7.25"tube, 3"bearing length), their recommendation is an internal diameter of 6.521". Note that I am not press fitting the bearing into the boat; will be epoxied in place. Also interesting is that the internal diameter increases to 6.539" if I select a press-fit application.
  4. Sorry, forgot to mention that the new bushing is being made of Delrin.
  5. After spending the winter tearing out wet foam and rebuilding my rudder, it is finally time to start thinking about the reinstall when the snow melts in a couple of weeks. I have contacted a local machine shop who are going to be machining a new rudder bushing. How much larger than the rudder shaft should the inside of the bushing be for a ~6.5" shaft. The machinist is going to be measuring the shaft to get an accurate measurement on the OD of the sleeve, but I need to give him the acceptable tolerance for the ID of the bushing.
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