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  1. The one that I heard was: "There are three things one should never observe: the making of sausages, fudgsicles and tax laws."
  2. The old story we were tolds as kids was that once the Sydney Harbour Bridge was totally repainted they had to immediately start again to repaint it. There is a lot of steel in that bridge.
  3. You never know it could have beenTom Spithill, Jimmy's brother. Pretty good sailor in is own right. Coached at RPAYC for years. Plus he's a ranga as well - easy to confuse!
  4. Who were your barracking for? South Africa or England? (Sorry. Couldn't help myself.) Go ETNZ.
  5. "When the Levee Breaks", Led Zepplelin IV. Although as some wag said: "A minute and a half of the meanest and angriest introduction you could ever hear and then what do you get? A weather report!" "If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break ...
  6. Tough one. Maybe Coogee Bay Rd or Hall or Curlewis St Bondi. Google search for image turns up 'leisure'. Absolutely.
  7. Interesting. The statue on the left of the water cascade was added at a later time.
  8. Every Australian would (should) be able to immediately tell you what this is all about. Richie Benaud, Australia's captain in that gamewho went on the become a renowned commentator, tells a wonderful story regarding that last day. During his days as a commentator he reckons he spoke with about 25,000 people over the years who said that they were there to witness that last ball. Richie reckons there were actually less than 1000 spectators at the ground at the end of the test.
  9. Good choice for Sailing Anarchy. The park above the jetty/wharf at the top of the picture (Steyne Park) is where the 18ft skiffs currently rig and launch from. The location, Double Bay, is between Darling Point and Point Piper where the filthy rich people live in Sydney. Lovely spot for a picnic.
  10. The yellow and black signage and the roof. Also I might be familiar with them as I may have spent some part of my youth stuffing paper up the return slot of the actual phone in the vain hope that people would think they didn't get their money back when the call didn't happen. It rarely worked. And that was the extent of my criminal career. One for sale on Ebay in Australia $4,500.
  11. I think that is an Aussie one rather than an English one.
  12. For me, this picture just about sums up the name of this thread. The complete and utter randomness of it. "Let's pull over to the side of the road and do a bikini shoot." A random picture of a random picture. Interesting rabbit hole if you want to go down it. I wish my nickname was Weegee. Once again, thank you Hobot for your genius.
  13. "The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year!"
  14. Anyone able to make an educated guess on how much it costs to charter an AN 124 from Providence to Auckland? It wouldn't have been cheap.
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