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  1. Hobot Good to see you back. Obviously the hip replacement surgery hasn't slowed you up. Good for us. As a fellow 'hippy' my one tip is to make sure you do all the rehab. It will be better than ever.
  2. Sorry for the slight hijack but what type of boat is this? It looks beautiful.
  3. Pre-sales for the Sydney event are on from today.
  4. Now a Hobie Surf Shop which may not be a coincidence given that Hobie is a pretty regular feature here on Random Pics.
  5. Anybody know the story behind Paul Goodisin getting redress for today's 2 races?
  6. That is a seriously impressive resumé. That one person was responsible for all those buildings is even more impressive and over a relatively short space of time. With good fortune very many of these buildings still stand (albeit some with different functions) and so we are currently able to admire them. I hope you have had the opportunity to see your great great grandfather's work in real life.
  7. Search for image says 'antique car'. It is Martin Place in Sydney between Pitt and George Streets before they turned it into a pedestrian mall. I would say that every building in the photo is still there. The car experts might be able to give us a sense of the date.
  8. On Sydney Harbour. There was (is) a bottleshop (liquor store) at Circular Quay. Would quite often buy a couple of beers to drink on the ferry after a hard day at work. Don't know if it was actually allowed or not but nobody seemed to mind. Ah, happy days. Centrepoint Tower was completed in 1981 so that gives you some idea of the date of the photo.
  9. Hobot Being the modest man you are, you haven't spoken much about your continued recovery and so all your fans are hoping your health is improving all the time and maybe back to full health. One thing I would observe is that your random picture skills (read genius) have taken, if it is possible, a leap forward. Thanks for making the internet interesting.
  10. 8 Pl. de l'Opéra, 75009 Paris, France. Doors are still there.
  11. Just to confrim, from the official results page:
  12. Kings Cross. Intersection of William St and Darlinghurst Rd. The white building on the left is still there. The taxi, the Deluxe Red Cabs fleet, sure brought back some memories.
  13. Was a convicted criminal. He DTS.
  14. The one that I heard was: "There are three things one should never observe: the making of sausages, fudgsicles and tax laws."
  15. The old story we were tolds as kids was that once the Sydney Harbour Bridge was totally repainted they had to immediately start again to repaint it. There is a lot of steel in that bridge.
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