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  1. Again..not sure how giving him a tracker so I can see where he goes is helping to get him killed. So we disagree. Whatever.
  2. How is giving him a tracker enabling him? He's going to go anyway. He's a friend, I want to see where he goes.
  3. Hey guys, hadn't been on the thread in a long while. Just did a quick read of the last couple pages and saw some comments about the DeLorme being lost. Not sure where that rumor started. I have the DeLorme here in a drawer for safe keeping until Rimas gets ready to go. It was costing me $50 a month for the subscription and since I didn't know if or when he might set sail again and my year contract was up, I put a stop on the plan. Once Rimas gets close to heading out, I promised him I would activate the DeLorme once again. So there you have it. Now carry on
  4. Regrets? No. I told him he should stop at the island. He said no. I then pointed out that it could be months to get to Samoa and that Cyclone season is coming. I said at the very least he could just anchor for a bit in the lee and maybe catch a ride or get some fish or even fishing line from a passing fisherman. He just said he still has some food and that he is going non-stop to Samoa. My opinion is that it's absolutely foolish that he didn't stop...but who knows, maybe he would of hit a reef, sunk, and drowned trying to get to shore. Maybe he just saved his own life.
  5. . ... I asked about this in some PM's with Shannon................'' the only messages he's sent this past week are the ones that go from his DeLorme to Facebook. Like you said, 2-3 per day. But I haven't gotten any other communication besides those. '' ...I was somewhat confused by this answer,,,butI'm not a facebook 'friend' to know.It sounds like he's messaging Shannon or some other friend via DeLorme, who is then posting the message to Facebook.Facebook allows some other services to link directly. One blog I wrote would download directly to my Facebook page...well... most times...and then
  6. As far as other nav sources, I'm not sure what he has. I think he now has proper nautical charts of the pacific and he also has a good hand held garmin GPS I gave him with a bunch of lithium batteries and a big costco pack of alkaline batteries for it. So if he uses it as a sextant and turns it on once or twice a day for a position fix, he has enough battery for at least a year or more.
  7. I asked him about a spare and he said he has one and he is now using it. The last message from the weather guy to Rimas was again emphasizing not to go any further south and to work on going northeast. But not sure it made it through before the tracker went dead. As far as putting in a call to the GC. No. Without any recent position info, the search area would be way too big and with the wind and sea state in the next few days the chance of locating him is nil. After Marie passes, he is either afloat and will eventually get the tracker charged and let us know or if he's not afloat, he
  8. Hey guys. I haven't heard anything from Rimas either. I'm pretty sure the battery is dead because for the past few days he kept mentioning he couldn't charge it and that the battery was nearly dead. When I gave him the tracker, I also bought him two stand alone 10 watt USB solar chargers to keep it charged. Kept it charged just fine coming from Hilo so I'm kind of surprised he wasn't able to get a charge now..but he said the battery was getting really low. I know someone else got him a larger panel and battery bank. I suggested that he wire up a USB adapter to the battery bank so he coul
  9. Rimas has left the building! Got a call yesterday from Jean that he towed Rimas out of the gate (a second time...this time far enough so he wouldn't come back). I think that was on Sunday. I'm trying to get his tracker account back up and running and I think it is working again. The link should be: https://share.delorme.com/RimasMeleshyus Currently he appears to be about a hundred miles southwest of San Fransisco. Not real sure where he is going. I talked to him a couple weeks ago and he said he would head toward Hawaii a while before turning into the South Pacific. He mentioned Tahit
  10. If anyone is interested in donating to Rimas's adventure, I set up a fundly account for him. https://fundly.com/rimas-around-the-world#_ Cheers! PS..Yes this is legit and I guarantee all the funds (and more) will get to Rimas. Rimas asked me to set something up for him (even though my computer skills are probably not much better than his) I chose fundly because its easy for him to share on Facebook and easy for people to see their donations and how much has been raised.
  11. Hey, cool ideas. I'm sure Rimas would love some help. The guy literally had $28 in his wallet when he landed in Hilo. Today I talked to a friend that works at one of the local rigging companies here in the northwest, and he's going to see about doing a complete set of standing rigging at cost. He is thinking around $600 to $800 for the whole deal. I've got to get some measurements and he has to clear with his boss, but I was thinking if it works out, we could set up an account at the rigging shop that we can contribute to and then I can also cover whatever is left on it. I'll keep you p
  12. Wouldn't have worked anyway, SPOT doesn't cover the Pacific near Hawaii.... SPOT Coverage Map Surprisingly, the Spot Tracker worked nearly all the way to Hawaii. It finally stopped sending less than 100 miles from Hilo. But yes, he's definitely going to need a different tracker if he heads south from Hawaii.
  13. Here is a picture of Rimas moments after his arrival in Hilo.
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