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  1. Never clarified which cleavage should prevail
  2. Disney Fire Department -- run by volunteer clowns --
  3. Hopefully we don't mind a little extra cleavage ---
  4. They forgot to mention that it was built by Palmer Johnson's of Sturgeon Bay ---
  5. The only pervert is the one who left the head off these ladies.
  6. It looks like my Optomitrist's eye chart --- which is sharper Ass or Brass -- I think both of them make me have blurred vision because I can't focus on either.
  7. My girlfriend gave me a snatch block, or was it a cock block --- same difference, nothing going on.
  8. You are forgiven --- but we love to see your choice of atonement
  9. Never thought I would see the day when this conversation needed a bump ----- a bum maybe but not a single bump, how abut two?
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