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  1. BleikurtzekielInen: 'blei' = lead, 'kurz' = short, 'kiel' = keel
  2. a new Class 40 named "Three kisses".
  3. Why 'poor Outsider'? The article mentions that she was bought by a German a few weeks earlier for full restoration and that she was on display at the 2020 Dusseldorf boat show to conmemorate her launch just 40 years earlier... So I'd rather say 'Lucky Outsider'!!
  4. since a few days he can't raise his mainsail past the 1st reef... technical issue.
  5. You better knock, knock on wood, baby...
  6. "Oh come on! Why making fun out of me? The Mayflower had a wooden bowsprit too!"
  7. Take a break... METS has been cancelled...
  8. indeed... spoiling the game...
  9. Saw her in Zeeland 2 weeks ago: love the name, good looking old boat... wish you lots of good memories when you'll turn grey as well.
  10. it's Jean Le Cam's IMOCA 'Hubert' being prepped for the Vendée Globe...
  11. Exactly, and the other half fell off...
  12. http://www.histoiredeshalfs.com/Histoire des Minis/508.htm
  13. I installed the Em-Trak R100 transceiver on my boat for the 2019 AZAB race with a separate antenna (no hassle with splitters) on a 3 meter pole at the back of the boat. It's working perfectly and on the open sea (i.e. ocean) we were getting targets at more than 15NM away. Easy to install & configure. Very happy with it.
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