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  1. Seeing is believing. I predicted I was going to win the lotto 3 times in my lifetime, but hasn't happened as yet.
  2. Fuck me, the guy that crossed over first on the JPN boat was a very, very lucky boy.
  3. Anyone know if there's a working webcam that covers the entrance to Port Phillip Heads?? Can't find any that are actually working on the google searches that I've done so far.
  4. Agreed it worked a treat, but just for the record Dan Andrews is the fucking arsonist who lit the fire. He's no hero for putting it out. He's a lying sack of shit who still refuses to accept any responsibility for his governments mistakes of which there are many.
  5. Would make the butt hole a bit twitchy I'd think going out training each day though, if you break something it's got the potential to cause you some big issues.
  6. I actually noticed that last night here in Aus and had a little chuckle to myself, well done.
  7. Probably a touch short for me to be honest, but best of luck though, hope it all works out for you.
  8. www.sportsbet.com.au it's an Aussie site, so might be blocked.
  9. I think this could go a long way to answer the question, "Will INEOS help ENTZ in the lead up to the match ?"
  10. Some juicy odds (IMO) for ETNZ and probably Luna Rossa as well for that matter currently still on offer. I suspect they haven't caught up with the news that the Prada Cup has been run and won as INEOS are still at $4 to win the Americas Cup.
  11. Hope that skin of yours is mighty thick, I feel a flaming might be coming your way in the not to distant future.
  12. Please don’t anyone post another nominee as there can be no doubt that Dan Andrews the Premier of Victoria is the biggest cunt god ever put breath into.
  13. I rate Iain Murray highly and I think he does a super job, have also met him aboard WOXI as well, so this is no dig at him and I don't even think it's his call to make. But I've been thinking, and I may be incorrect here but wasn't Thursday (yesterday) originally a scheduled reserve day and Friday (today) a race day ? If so, wouldn't the volunteers and everyone else required to run the races have it booked in their calendars that they might be required ? Annual Leave would have been booked, nannies booked, lunches packed etc. ? If the reserve day on Thursday was required, they wouldn't have fo
  14. BA: Ah Toto, how's things old chap ? Lovely day isn't it ? Assuming the family is well too ? TW: What do you want Ben ? BA: Well you know how you sort of helped us out a wee bit a few weeks ago, well we're sort of getting our arses handed to us by the Italians at the moment in the Prada Cup Final. Any chance you and the lads could weave your magic again for us ? To help you out we've dropped a bit of Covid into the community here in Auckland to by us some time, but you're still gonna have to work quick. I take it you're not too busy at the moment anyway in the lead up to a new F1 se
  15. Apparently so, they've done it previously.
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