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  1. You don't happen to have her number by any chance do you ? Asking for a friend who might be in the market......
  2. What not a Sydney to Melbourne ?? Slide down the coast, round the corner and across the paddock and in through the heads at Port Phillip, right up the bay and finish off station pier or something. Would make for a pretty cool race I reckon.
  3. Bit of an update of Rob Dates new boat under construction. https://www.sail-world.com/news/239181/Fashionably-black
  4. That's sort of where I was going with it.
  5. Would love to know what they paid for the old Wild Thing.
  6. Did anyone happen to see any of them foiling in 4knts with their super lightweight foils as claimed by Coutts ? I only saw them falling off their foils repeatedly in about 8-10knts even with only 3 crew.
  7. Agreed, but just not sure it's going to happen.
  8. Just drop me a note when they get them foiling in 4knts. I'll be first to congratulate them. Until then I'll just keep watching my lotto numbers as I reckon they'll come up before we see it.
  9. Seeing is believing. I predicted I was going to win the lotto 3 times in my lifetime, but hasn't happened as yet.
  10. Fuck me, the guy that crossed over first on the JPN boat was a very, very lucky boy.
  11. Anyone know if there's a working webcam that covers the entrance to Port Phillip Heads?? Can't find any that are actually working on the google searches that I've done so far.
  12. Agreed it worked a treat, but just for the record Dan Andrews is the fucking arsonist who lit the fire. He's no hero for putting it out. He's a lying sack of shit who still refuses to accept any responsibility for his governments mistakes of which there are many.
  13. Would make the butt hole a bit twitchy I'd think going out training each day though, if you break something it's got the potential to cause you some big issues.
  14. I actually noticed that last night here in Aus and had a little chuckle to myself, well done.
  15. Probably a touch short for me to be honest, but best of luck though, hope it all works out for you.
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