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  1. Just a suggestion, but you might find that addressing the substance of Livia’s post will win you more supporters than this sort of pedantic wankery.
  2. That’s the number of bulls that have been built by the new builder and which are alleged to have been massaged. Many more were built from the mould by the previous builder. No issue was raised with those - they were seen as inferior to the Ontario boats - until this new development that the mould itself has never been approved.
  3. The full Syd touch would be then to claim on the insurance.
  4. I don’t recall making any predictions and I could give a fuck about RC protests in a race I haven’t done for at least 10 years - the last time was with you I think. Similarly I could give even less of a fuck about club or any other form of politics. I haven’t believed a word that’s come out of someone in a position of power’s mouth since I was 13 and that’s not about to change. But you and LB seem to take the position that there was some utopian time when club politics wasn’t venal, petty and self interested, which you, he and I know is simply not true. Always was, always will be, across
  5. Being a theatre in which disgruntled members, ex members and others with excrement on the liver may don exotic costume and engage in an arcane choreography intertwining Veiled Allegations, suggestion of Inside Knowledge, and Delphic Prophecies of Doom And Unmitigated Failure, tantalising the audience with the prospect of a glimpse of the Sordid Inner Machinations by Faceless Men and the Karmic Justice that shall imminently be meted out to them, yet all the while remaining shrouded between the Shadow and the Mist such that once the ritual is complete the question remains unanswered and the vie
  6. I know, but it fits the description of the photo. And anyway it does belong in this thread.
  7. So when did the ropes become strong enough to be superior to the wire? I only got into bigger boats in the 90’s and I don’t recall wire braces or jib sheets. I do recall wire to rope halyards but they were definitely on the way out.
  8. So an organisation funded by taxpayer funds and private membership dues tacitly approves of one of it’s employees openly treating the members of the organisation with mocking contempt on a social media forum frequented by many of those members. Interesting PR strategy.
  9. You could not sound more like a dickhead if you tried. You and the rest of YA know exactly who Shaggy is. You are beclowning yourself and your employer, which takes some doing. Stop stepping on rakes and try to address YOUR MEMBER’S concern like a grown up. Pathetic.
  10. Hear fucking hear. In the last few years the management has pissed off the berth owners, caused one the best sailing coaches in the country to leave, and ditto one of the best yachting instructors. Is it too much to ask for our several thousands of dollars per year in membership and other fees that the hierarchy behave like grownups? And frankly Lydia, if your bloke doesn’t want to get punched then maybe he shouldn’t start fights.
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