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  1. Just an aside, I saved the old beat-up original (40 y old?) plywood when I made new hatchboards. I used that plywood to make one of little paper stacking trays for my desk. I like to re-purpose old stuff from boats. There are lots of memories in that old stuff.
  2. "Business leaders and elite intellectuals recognized that the public had won enough rights so that they can't be controlled by force, so it would be necessary to turn to control of attitudes and opinions... ...So you had to create a mood of anti-politics, which leaves a very powerful interventionist state but makes people hate the federal government, and the reason to make people hate the federal government is it has a defect. But the things that they're worried about is not what's bad. They're worried about what's good. The government has a defect; namely, it's potentially influenceable by th
  3. I am running short of closet space in my bedroom. I have been thinking of getting a treadmill to help solve that problem.
  4. I have been a digital subscriber for a while. I just renewed my basic all-access subscription for $CAD0.50 per week. That is just over $2CAD per month plus tax. Less than $US2 per month. This is an incredible bargain to access some very high quality reporting and writing. I am happy to support the important role of journalists. And I think the NYT is an almost-always objective and honest source of diverse information.
  5. Belgium is the usual location for Britain and Germany to sort out their differences.....
  6. A Nazi flag flying ABOVE the confederate flag? C'mon America. You are better than that. (I am assuming that is a real photo and not photoshopped.)
  7. I would think 'personal responsibility' would require that anyone who refuses to receive a vaccine is refused publicly-funded health care in the event they contract COVID.
  8. I spent 14 years in the Navy. People join up for lots of different reasons but a lot of the young sailors join up because they come from some crappy place with no future, or their home life is crap or they (and their family) have no money. Joining the Navy is a ticket out of a bad situation (it was for me). It promises training, education, travel, adventure, a steady pay, three square meals a day, a place to sleep at night, camaraderie.... all things that might appeal to someone wanting to get away where they are. The fact that they ended up dead after just wanting a better life
  9. Bugsy

    ALS and

    ALS is an absolutely horrific disease. Like being buried alive, so I am told. There is no treatment; no cure. Stay strong for your friend and his family. They will need all the support they can get.
  10. In honour of Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino can we say that whoever was driving "did a Schettino"?
  11. Sorry..... but anyone that makes a mistake like that is not worthy of owning/operating a boat like that. The entire situation was entirely avoidable. As alpha says, "where's the insurance?".
  12. I have adjusted the arms as high as they will go. Still not enough... I have adjusted the lumbar support to the maximum. Still not enough....
  13. I also have an Aeron but I am a bit disappointed with it. I find the arms are too low. I also put a pillow behind my lumbar. I think there are chairs that would fit me better at lower cost. However, now that I have it, I am not giving it up. Chairs, like clothes, need to exactly fit the individual.
  14. ^^ That is freakin' genius! Thanks for sharing.
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