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  1. Around here, March 4th is known as Army Day. March Fourth. March forth. Coincidence?
  2. Thanks, everyone, for beach pictures. Where I live it was -31 C windchill (-24 F) the other morning.
  3. Bugsy

    We have found Voter Fraud It does Exist

    As a Canadian I have trouble with the idea that judges are associated with political parties, as in "a Republican judge....". Sure, all judges have some bias or view on society but the explicit linking of judges to political parties (any party) seems contrary to the idea of judicial independence.
  4. Bugsy

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    (CNN)A Florida golfer is believed to have drowned after falling into a golf club pond while looking for his lost ball Sunday morning, police say. https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/28/us/florida-golfer-pond-drowning-trnd/index.html
  5. <dumb comment removed>
  6. I am imagine the conversion, like so much else, would be politicized.
  7. Bugsy

    CPAC embraces Nazi imagery

    Oh, but they do! Do a Google image search on "trump supporters giving nazi salute". I will not post those photos here.
  8. Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold.
  9. Bugsy

    Changing from Euro 220 wiring to US 110

    I believe there was an extensive discussion on this topic on BJ Porter's boat 'Evenstar'. Search for that or contact Mr Porter. When politely asked, he will likely share his extensive knowledge.
  10. Bugsy


    Getting back on topic, here is a quote in today's New York Times: “But the government has closed its ears and eyes and doesn’t show any interest in our living conditions.” Think this is about Texas? Nope. It is a Syrian talking about al-Assad's government in Syria. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/23/world/middleeast/syria-assad-economy-food.html?action=click&amp;module=Top Stories&amp;pgtype=Homepage Oh, the irony.
  11. Bugsy

    Bandsaw Classes Resume

    This isn't my area of expertise, but as an engineer I do math all day. You wrote: In order to have 15,000 PSI of tension, the needle needs to move .002 on the dial. Can I check your math on that calculation? Not saying it is right or wrong, but checking math is an easy first step.
  12. Bugsy

    Party Bus

    In another life I was once responsible for performing a 'fuel consumption trial' on a Navy ship. I think it worked out to something like 600 feet per gallon.
  13. And that right there shows how little you understand. I have been to Cuba twice. It is a magnificent place to visit and I found the locals charming, clever, ambitious and keen to re-establish relations with the US. The reason your statement is idiotic is because there is no Walmart in Cuba. No company with any ties to the US can operate there. So the hardware stores are local affairs that maybe procure goods from Mexico that in turn procures goods from a Spanish company that doesn't do business with the US. The US embargo of Cuba makes procurement of even the most common of everyday supplies incredibly complicated. As others state, the US relationship with Cuba is really, really weird.
  14. Bugsy


    OK. Just for reference, here in Canada we routinely store outboards at 1 F (and much, much colder : -30 F would be considered cold). I have always believed the best protection is to get all the water out so there is nothing to freeze. I get the engine up out of the water to dry out before the really cold weather sets in. I also I check the lower unit for any water ingress and change the oil in case there is some water in the oil. Keep an eye on your water flow the first time you start that engine. Best wishes and stay safe!
  15. Bugsy


    Is that your outboard on the mount in the lowered position? I might be concerned about water freezing in it.