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  1. So the manual says I should change the automatic transmission fluid in my car at 100,000 km (60,000 miles). It's now quite a bit past that and I didn't change it. Apparently a change involves putting the car up on a hoist, removing a bunch of stuff to get to the transmission oil pan, etc. Doing a Google search, some say just do it. Some say just use the dipstick tube. Some say changing it makes no difference. So, calling upon all the wisdom here, should I: 1. Ignore it. The car is 14 years old and owes me nothing. 2. Pull out what I can using the dipstick tube
  2. I don't think there are any good choices for what to do. I think calling it quits and bringing everyone home is the least worst option. Good on Joe to make a difficult decision.
  3. I bought a boat similar to that a few years ago. I think I paid $250. I don't think new Wayfarers ever cost $5,000.
  4. I have to to say the *idea* of owning that tug intrigues me. It looks cool, it can go anywhere (that has more than 8' of water) and would be a riot to drive. Filled with all the mod cons. But the practicalities of maintaining a 70', 100 ton, 600+ HP, 70 year old boat would be overwhelming.
  5. Kick some ass like at the Battle of Crysler's Farm where: 800 British and Canadian regulars, militia and Indians, engaged an American force of 4000 under Brigadier-General John Boyd. The open terrain was suited to the training of the well-drilled British regulars, who, after two hours of heavy fighting, routed the enemy. In case you missed it, in this case the 'enemy' was the Americans and even when they outnumbered the British (and allies) 5-to-1, were defeated. https://www.pc.gc.ca/apps/dfhd/page_nhs_eng.aspx?id=424&i=58969
  6. Maybe everything he knows about prison he learned from watching "Orange is the New Black".
  7. It never occurred to them to route the engine exhaust out the transom? I admire the absence of crap on the back.
  8. Bugsy


    Carrying on with the Easter theme.... When confronted with a difficult decisions, some people will ask "What would Jesus do?". My usual reply is "Hide in a cave for three days pretending he's dead?" Too soon?
  9. Bugsy


    I finally learned how to tell an alligator from a crocodile. One you see later; the other you see in a while.
  10. There is a famous expression about pilots landing at the wrong airport. Something like "the pilot had never previously landed at XX airport..... and still hasn't".
  11. I don't normally think of a megayacht as being a lee shore...
  12. Four barges end-to-end and you have a floating bridge. Off-load onto trucks and temporarily store the containers on shore? The shore isn't far away
  13. +1 Billion to what they said.
  14. No on the volumes and surface areas (does no one check these things?). A cubic meter is about the same a cubic yard. The volumes are off by at least a factor of 1,000. The surface areas are likely off by the same amount. A cube measuring 56 m (over 60 yards) per side has a volume of 180,000 cubic meters. Can no one do math anymore?
  15. That boat looks like it burned.... or sank. Or maybe caught fire and was sunk to put out the fire.
  16. 1. Clarity of thought. 2. Clarity of word.
  17. Too early to tell? Likely there are a lot of factors involved. I went through that canal on one of the Big Grey Boats. Marvelous experience (for the little bit I got to see - sadly spent most of my time in the engine room).
  18. I'm with BB on this one. Maybe it's a sign of being old. As a former military officer, I was expected to be properly turned out at all times. It's a habit that I can't or won't break. I think it also makes it difference in how I am treated in public. Of course in a store or restaurant 'every customer is important' but the guy (or girl) dressed well might get a little extra attention. I like that and appreciate it - and reciprocate. Maybe that makes me a snob but I am ok with that.
  19. Google says that it is a 50 minute drive from Boulder CO to Columbine High School. It has been 22 years since that massacre. What's changed? Not much.
  20. Is that Weid Stowe's infamous Cheese Scow?
  21. Big thanks to everyone for their contributions! I don't smoke but this must be what it's like to be on the patch. Is Hobot still amongst us? Stay strong my friends!
  22. Bugsy


    Me: I think I am having trouble with my hearing. Her: Can you describe the symptoms? Me: Homer is a loudmouth slob and Marge has blue hair.
  23. Doesn't it just seem like yesterday that there was a ceremony marking 500,000 US deaths due to COVID? And since that time the equivalent of the entire population of a small or mid-size town has died.
  24. This is a a narco-submarine. I guess I can admire the ingenuity but that is one ugly submarine. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56382615
  25. I always appreciate crew that brings their own supply of electrical tape.
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