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  1. Not sure what it was with nat rules, please add a quote that I know what to admit in the first place As for ETNZ being traitors, this is clearly an opinion while the trophy not showing TNZ as winners in 88 is a fact with evidence and all. Stating that it is not so is an error at best and a lie at worst; it is not an opinion.
  2. "NZ won 88 (yes, they did, the trophy says so)..." Your quote, not mine.
  3. Bold in the first quote mine for emphasis. Why can't you, just once, admit that you're wrong? Why? Above you write that the trophy says that NZL won the 88 Cup. I found evidence that the trophy does not say this. Not more, not less. Why do you spin the topic now? What's wrong with you?
  4. Self-quote... ohhhhh... O.k. this pic is from here: https://activerain.com/blogsview/4271651/the--america-s-cup--visits-anacortes It shows more clearly than the pic above that S&S won both races in '88. The overall winner of any Cup edition is nowhere to be found on the trophy. Whoever claims different should have a good look.
  5. Here is 88, the best pic I could find up to now, but I'll carry on looking...
  6. And only if you wear a t-shirt with a fern on it.
  7. If RNZYS pulls this off, it's a bit back to the roots, syndicate and all. But then RNZYS should have a close look at the salaries of the people that are funded. It must be rather frustrating giving your more or less hard earned bucks away for some chap to buy the next bach on Waiheke Island.
  8. Yes, it's c/o from motorsports.
  9. What a s#it start in race 2 for DEN and NZL. These reaching starts with that short starting line are crap, IMO of course. The race was not too bad for DEN, but geeeeez, NZL is abysmal.
  10. No worries, the official numbers will add up to 5B miraculously. China cannot watch YT, so probably 1B alone comes from a unique China video channel. The racing today was a bit underwhelming, but that just shows that SGP has the same issues as any other regatta, good and bad days, interesting and uninteresting days.
  11. Phil "No Prisoners" Robertson
  12. Looks like YT has other information/graphics than the commentators. DK was not OCS on YT, but for the umps and commentators they were.
  13. Why the secrecy? Because things still can go wrong. Because it's a highly private situation. Because it has nothing to do with his sailing jobs.
  14. What’s the CSS under the Deed?
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