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  1. If you're after team merch, now might be the time: https://mailchi.mp/5c03e7b0def8/video-a-life-of-commitment-and-a-first-race-11191019?e=e51b436aa7
  2. Nope, the vessels' max and min dimensions cannot be changed by MC. The NYSC/AG were required to amend the Deed with a lower LWL size, when 65ft were deemed too expensive after WWII. There are some specifics that are not negotiable. MCable things: DoG.pdf
  3. Care to provide any evidence for that?
  4. Right. Plus, they (EXSS) were more inclusive, less arrogant.
  5. Why and what would you like to reword (in) the DoG? Yet, it got two more or less complete rewrites by the original donor and 2 amendments in its 164 years of existence, so I wouldn't exactly call it "varied, contest to contest". You probably mean the Defender/Challenger agreements, later called "protocols".
  6. And Alicante is also part of the EU race:
  7. ... as long as the Etchells, Solings, or 6 Meters are at least 44ft LWL, and it's a 1:1 match.
  8. Some more classics. That's it then. A project manager's wet dream:
  9. Wow, this looks amazing. Having watched DZ and CZ in VLC, I am enormously interested in this particular AC. Next Christmas can't come fast enough .
  10. Some fiction: And this is really weird:
  11. Right. With this nat. rule in place, if it will be implemented, the selection is not 100% merit based anymore. Why not introduce gender, skin color, eye color, ancestry restrictions, just because?
  12. Bold: Well then, why the fear that key personnel could be lured away by other teams?
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