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  1. Remember when DZ came straight at us? Still gives me goosebumps. Sorry for the bad quality, no HD in my camera back then:
  2. Sigh, yes, by now everyone hereabouts knows that this is your newest favored phrase. Got something intelligent to add? No? O.k.,back to scrolling by your posts again, the amusement factor wears thin with someone posting children pix in the internet.
  3. SNG had their annual regatta on the Med. And now?
  4. There was a "Y" on the concrete too that helped you guys to figure out where the mast will be stepped. Glorious times!
  5. You posted pix of your daughter to Facebook? You are more stupid, even dangerous, than I thought. Care to enroll in a course about media competency 101?
  6. Sounds less than AKL's $99m plus infrastructure. WTF
  7. Apparently you haven't noticed my several posts that clearly state that the DoG is o.k. with any venue selection, especially under MC. So WTF are you on about again? What is it with "you people" all the time and then confusing the discussion? I just don't like the whoring out of the Cup, but that has nothing to do with the Deed. But tell me, how near to the Deed is prescribing a boat class for a challenge that has not been lodged yet and while the current challenge is not yet decided? Oh no, please don't tell me, it could confuse you again.
  8. The usual blah-blah of a challenger that is forgotten when the challenger becomes defender.
  9. I see nothing of the stuff you wrote in the DoG. Nothing. And GD wanted to bring the Cup nearer to the DoG. So, what are you actually talking (writing) about?
  10. Hasn't he already sent them $3m during the last campaign?
  11. What is it with GGYC all the time? They have no say in the matter. As other adults have already pointed out several times: If the RNZYS won't defend, the Cup goes to RYS. If the RNZYS dissolves, the Cup goes to another NZ YC. Do you see GGYC anywhere in this set-up? Not being able to defend is a big pile of BS. The RNZYS is a bona fide YC with the means to hold a regatta, hence they are able to defend. They might not be successful with their own boat, but they are able technically.
  12. All the RNZYS needs to defend are - a bit of water - a boat - some buoys - a couple of officials, a pro, a jury, umpires Nothing strange or unusual for a bona fide YC. Hence, the RNZYS shouldn't tell anyone that they are not able to defend under the Deed. That's a blatant lie.
  13. I think he meant "Let me watch it first, then I can translate it".
  14. "forumed" - that's good. For the moment I think, that the efficiency (weight/space vs. output ratio) of on-board solar panels is a no-go for AC yachts. They simply need too much power over a too long time, even with 20 minutes races. Plus, the power needs to be there reliably and not only when the sun shines. To make matters worse, splendid, sunny weather often comes with little wind pressure, so a sailboat race is probably a sub-optimal event to rely on constant availability of solar power. There is a good example for how to do it: SailGP uses batteries on board and charges them on sh
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