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  1. For a very long time I was fascinated by and then fully immersed in the America's Cup. When Coutts took the Cup to Bermuda I lost interest in a big way for a variety of reasons, no constructed in country rule (the opposite actually), the fact it wasn't even in the US, and just generally that I thought the racing would not be very interesting. Then the Kiwi's win and Dalton comes up with his freak boat, I barely paid attention. Concurrently, after Bermuda this site became a cesspool of Kiwi fanboys, all hiding behind a screen name. This guy - I assume a guy - ForOurselves and several other
  2. I have gone through this phase, 10 years ago. I have a set of twins, now 17. My kids had what anyone would consider a great divorced parent situation with tons of opportunities that most mortals don't have. They understand were given huge opportunities to explore many things, and so maybe they are a bit more creative than most - one is a huge theater guy, and his sister was a drawer. I'd say both of them learned a lot from you tube. I saw them use it appropriately. My son liked anime, watched it constantly. One day he was watching one that had something to do with learning to pla
  3. So true about his rum and cokes. About 10 years ago I was in Birmingham, my mother was born there and I still have family there. LZ took me to dinner at some Brazilian/Portuguese place. He basically ordered the whole meal, which I appreciated because it was my first experience with that sort of thing and he understood that food. My god....I have never seen so much meat in my life, nor cooked so well. I remember them bringing out this skewer that looked like the size of a sword from the Medieval days. I asked if that was dinner, to which LZ replied...nope, appetizers. I hope the f
  4. For those who want to celebrate LZ in abstentia during the Bayview memorial and aren't familiar with their go-to drink, here's the recipe for a Hummer. https://www.hourdetroit.com/restaurants-food/drink-recipe-the-hummer/
  5. Bob Hesse is a rock solid guy, sport needs a lot more of his type. He could have easily bailed this year because of covid, but he hung in there, and the crew did all the could to train within the limitation of not having another IC37 to sail against.
  6. Thanks for the thoughtful comments. You are correct, I should have used words more specific than "happens all the time". Perhaps instead I should have said "all too often" or something similar. You are also correct, I am an advocate.
  7. I don't scour this forum looking for real names of people who post with a screen name. By bringing up the Duke lacrosse case you instantly put yourself in the position of defending the accused, and suggest this is a false allegation. False allegations and prosecutorial misconduct happen, but the overwhelming circumstance is that rapist get away with it, and your comment only adds hurt to an unbearable situation for Rachel, her family and close friends. Rapist getting away with it was the ENTIRE point of Rachel's post. And thanks for calling me tough guy. Maybe I'm tougher than
  8. Says the guy who doesn't have the balls to post using his own name.
  9. If ICSA had any balls, and they clearly do not, they should cancel all college sailing until the rapists plead out. There is one coach who damn well knows his boys did this. Put some pressure on the whole college sailing ecosystem and watch how fast evidence comes in.
  10. This is about the dumbest thing you could have posted. False allegations are made all the time, but look at the circumstances of those allegations. There's zero parallels between the Duke case and this one.
  11. There's a very small pool of easily identified suspects, and their coaches. It will be the coaches that eventually bring the rapists to justice. If they don't, all of the schools in the college nationals will be suspected of running programs that allow gang rape. Guys who would be involved in a gang rape are clearly not very bright, and one of them won't keep their mouth shut. Ultimately, they are all weak pieces of shit, and one, or more, of them will break down and after a couple of beers probably brag about it.
  12. I sailed on her when she was Abino Robin, owned by Al Bernel. Al was an awesome guy, gave a lot of us who were teenagers our first taste of a serious racing yacht, and all that meant. I can't remember the exact year, maybe '75 or '76, after the Lake Ontario Race, he had four of us bring the boat back from Rochester, through the Welland Canal, to Buffalo Yacht Club Point Abino station. I was the oldest guy on the boat, either 18 or 19. Perfect east breeze from Rochester to Port Weller, we flew the main, kite and blooper for about 30 miles. You'll like this blast from the past.
  13. Lefty paranoia? Are you serious? It's your boy trump that is screaming about mail in ballot fraud.
  14. This isn't Political Anarchy, it's Democracy Anarchy, as in a bit of Anarchy to save democracy. If you don't like it here, I'm sure Scot won't mind at all if you go downscale to scuttlebutthole or Ehman's facebook page. He loves him some trump supporters.
  15. I obviously do not expect any response. I thought that adding one more email to their inbox would be an easy way to help the cause. Whether they have 1,000 or 100,000 emails to deal with, it's a massive pain in the ass for them and should help then to feel some pain. Though I'm not sure they care either. They seem to like the pain of being a bitch. I wonder which of them gets it first from the gimp.
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